Making Easter Sunday Brunch A New Family Tradition

Anaheim-Santa Ana-Garden Grove-20130331-02414What a wonderful Easter this year! The love of my life (my son!) and I went to the Phoenix Club‘s Easter Sunday Brunch and Easter egg hunt this year. For as long as I live in the area, we will be going here every year from now on. I just started a new tradition! 🙂  Continue reading

Bucket Playset from Costco Review Straight From The 7-Year-Old

Every time I go to Costco, I find something else awesome for a really great price. Needless to say I love Costco. Ok, so this time, I found the Bucket Playset (they don’t have it online – you must go to the store! I found it at the Fullerton Costco). The best part about this play set is that this bucket is crammed full of really cool sand toys (including another bucket!), made of high quality plastics, and it’s only $9.99! The second Christopher started unpacking it, he had decided that the next day, we had to go to the beach, no matter the weather. Why, I was proud of myself to have picked such a great set AND to have a child happy with the little things 🙂

Bucket Playset Continue reading

Awesome Spring Break Camp in Fullerton

CoWork+Play What if your kids would like to just have a break from academia? Isn’t that why they invented breaks in the first place? Go ask your children if you don’t believe me! 🙂

That’s why I really like the spring camp CoWork+Play in Downtown Fullerton offers this year. They offer workshops, but kids learn from each other. In other words: They get to play. And if they don’t want to be part of the workshops or had enough, they move on to another activity of their choice. It’s fun AND a great deal! Continue reading

No Easter Plans Yet? Family Brunch at the Phoenix Club

Phoenix Club Champagne BrunchIf you still don’t know what to do for Easter Sunday, I’d highly recommend the Easter Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

It starts out with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, starting at 11 sharp (you really want to be on time!) and then goes into brunch in the grand ballroom. Two seating times for brunch are available: 11AM and 1PM. Continue reading

How Did This Happen? Homeless Youth

homeless womanOn Sunday, my random act of kindness for my challenge was that I gave a homeless girl food. As I stated on my challenge entry, this experience affected me more than I thought it would or could.

The girl was a pretty, skinny, young, white girl. As far as society goes, all of that works in her favor. What could have possibly happened to her to end up on the street?! As I stopped to hand her some food, I rolled down the window and told her that I couldn’t give her money, but I had some food. She graciously accepted. So then, as the light was still red, I couldn’t roll my window back up. I felt awful shutting her out. Continue reading

Big Bear Still Open For The Ski Season!

Who would have thought that we’re nearing 80 degrees down here and enjoying spring  (more or less), while just a couple thousand feet above us, the snow season is still in full force!

Skiing in Snow Valley

There is no more new snow, but packed snow is in good condition. Even Snow Valley is still open, now down to 2 lifts, but nonetheless, with prices at $23.99 at Liftopia every day until March 31, this is a pretty sweet day. And children 6 and under are always free! So take advantage of this last week of skiing! Continue reading

Easter EGGstravaganza For Young And Old

Easter EggstravaganzaToday was the first Easter celebration of the season at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Being a German cultural center that seeks to upkeep German heritage not just for Germans, but the whole community, this Easter EGGstravaganza integrated mostly German Easter traditions. A big fair started at 11AM on the club’s fairground. Entrance was free and there was something for everyone to do. This was a family friendly event, with good food and live music; and what stood out the most to me was that there was something to do from the youngest to the oldest.

Many families came with their babies, their teens and their grandparents. Continue reading

Easter EGGstravaganza At The Phoenix Club in Anaheim

Easter Eggstravaganza

If you are still trying to figure out what to do today or what Easter activity still fits in, this is the place to be in Orange County today!

April 24, 11AM – 4 PM

at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

1340 S. Sanderson Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806

Featuring Authentic German Food and Beer, Kids’ Area, Arts and Crafts

Kids’ Advice On Love

Questions concerning love and wisdom were posed to a group of children ages 5 to 10. Thank you for this compilation to the UC Berkeley Parents Network. I laughed out loud at some of these. Don’t kids have all the answers (and the most honest)!

Kids' Advice on Love Continue reading

A Different Kind of Restaurant Review: Souplantation

SouplantationBefore we moved to Southern California in 2009, we lived in Northern California for 4 years. While there, I discovered a restaurant chain called The Fresh Choice (and when I just tried to hyperlink it, I discovered that is the chain went out of business 😦 ). The restaurant’s center piece was a salad bar, and then you could load up on sides such as soups, breads, pizzas and pasta. It also featured different desserts and the whole all-you-can-eat experience. I used to love to go there, because it was healthy AND affordable. $8.99 got you the whole deal. Kids only paid $2.99. So we were there all the time.

I was still married at the time and Christopher was still a little boy, 3 and 4 years old. I remember going there with the family, or with my girlfriends, and having a good time. Because it’s extremely casual, it’s really a perfect place to take young kids. I have such good memories going there. It reminds me of happy summer days when things were just good. Continue reading