Top 6 Moving Tips To Keep You Sane And Organized

We moved! Have I been a bit MIA from my blog again? Yeah… that’s the newest reason why. Moving an entire house all by yourself is quite the challenge! I started packing a month in advance and packed a little bit almost every day. That saved me quite some packing stress in the end. Dinner ended up looking like this in the end, but if was fully worth it!

Moving Tips

Having moved about 8 times in the last 10 years, I consider myself a packing pro! So here are some of my tips to keep yourself sane and organized when moving. Continue reading

It’s the Despicablimp!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the Despicablimp!


Man, are those guys over at Universal doing an awesome job promoting Despicable Me 2 – everyone who sees this simple blimp is waaaay too excited! So were we. On our way back home, Christopher and I were sitting in traffic, when lo and behold, the Despicablimp appeared right before us. Continue reading

Learning How To Write (Or: Why Is English So Difficult?)

Did your mom save your first attempts at writing from when you were in first grade? Did you save your kids’ work? My mom’s saved every single paper I ever wrote on in elementary school, and it is just so funny to go back and look at all the mistakes I made. Just the same, it’s funny to look at the mistakes Christopher now makes. The way he writes things really make more sense than the way it is supposed to be… so whoever came up with English spelling and grammar rules wasn’t in his right mind. (It must have been a man, no question!) Continue reading

UEFA Champions League Finals At The Phoenix Club (Memorial Day Weekend Day 1)

UEFA Champions League FinalsIf there is ONE thing Germans love, it’s soccer. I am not much of a sports fan, but when it comes to German teams in big soccer matches, I am all in! And for the first time in history, 2 German soccer teams played in the UEFA Champions League Finals, happening at the Wembley Stadium in London. If you don’t know: The best individual teams from around Europe (not the national teams) play each other. Sort of like a Europa Cup, but with city teams. Of course this was too good a game to watch from home. So I joined a few hundred other FC Bayern Muenchen and Borussia Dortmund fans at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim to watch a really good, really nerve-wrecking soccer match. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays = Sunny Sanddays

Sunny SundaysA friend of mine arrived from Germany today to visit. So Christopher and I took her to the beach in our backyard. As we were sitting at the beach enjoying the sun and playing with our beloved Costco play set, I started wondering out loud what I would write for my Sunny Sunday Column today. So Christopher said: “What day is it today?” – Sunday. “Sandday?” he says. “Yes, it’s Sunday,” I say. He says: No, it’s SANDday!” Why, thank you Christopher! That’s what I’ll write about! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Lots Of Fun For Kids at German Maifest

Phoenix Club MaifestWhat a happy Sunday! Today was Maifest and Kinderfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, with lots of dance performances, a dance around the Maypole, tons of kids activities and a German kids theater performance. Everything from a bouncy house to making bird houses was available to do for the kiddos, and all for free! Continue reading

Back-To-School: Playmobil School House Review

Playmobile School HouseA year ago for Christmas, my parents bought Christopher this Playmobil school house. Christopher had decided that he didn’t like school so much after all (in first grade). So my parents thought that maybe, if he could play the teacher, he’d start liking it more, understanding it more, or we could see through his play why exactly he doesn’t like going to school.

Well, all of the above remained rather unaccomplished. Most of the time, Playmobil secret agents invade the school or it gets trampled by dinosaurs. Sometimes, there’s an earthquake. Last weekend, the kids were actually supposed to go on a fieldtrip. To Kirkel Castle, that is, in Germany (naturally). We actually cleaned the school and put all the little accessories back inside (even though the classroom had to go to the gym and the gym equipment inside the classroom – because for field trip day, that’s how that works). But then the teacher turned out to be a bad guy and instead of going on a field trip, the kids were captured by the bad Playmobil spies and we were, once again, done playing school. Continue reading

Boston Explosions – Let’s Keep Running!

Boston Marathon Finish LineA while ago, after the Newtown school shooting, a meme from Morgan Freeman was wildly spread on social media stating that if we only paid attention to the victims and stopped focusing on the tragedy and the offender, maybe we’d take the wind out of their sails and things like this would stop happening. Granted, Morgan came out and said that he never said that, but he might have as well and it would have still been right on point.

In this fashion, I would like to pay tribute to the victims of this horrible massacre that happened this Monday in Boston. I will do this by posting happy images of this and past marathons – and it should have looked like this this year, without any other images at all. I will not link to any media outlets because they’re still focusing on everything surrounding the tragedy. The bomber is getting all the glory yet again; they haven’t learned. Continue reading