Awesome Spring Break Camp in Fullerton

CoWork+Play What if your kids would like to just have a break from academia? Isn’t that why they invented breaks in the first place? Go ask your children if you don’t believe me! 🙂

That’s why I really like the spring camp CoWork+Play in Downtown Fullerton offers this year. They offer workshops, but kids learn from each other. In other words: They get to play. And if they don’t want to be part of the workshops or had enough, they move on to another activity of their choice. It’s fun AND a great deal!

The labs they offer each day are quite creative and varied. From Lego Robotics over Star Wars activities, MineCraft labs and NerfGun wars… there’s something for everyone.

Spring Camp is offered every day April 8-12 from 10AM-2PM. What a deal – it’s only $35 per lab per day, or $25 per sibling. A hot lunch can be ordered for $5 and is catered by the Matador Cantina.

CoWork+PlayMeant to teach kids about technology and business in a fun way that’s natural to them, CoWork+Play Fullerton offers kids 1,500 sqft of fun, spread out over 6 connected rooms. There’s a gym room, an air hockey table, a computer room, a Lego room (a whole room filled with Legos!!), a lunch room and a living room with a TV and video games.

It’s quite a progressive “Clubhouse for Kids” in a beautifully remodeled former office space. Best part: There is a work space for adults RIGHT next to it (basically attached) and parents can stay for $25 a day and work from there. In addition, there is free parking, coffee and water. (Just making sure you heard that: Free coffee!)

For information, call Marieke at 1-877-747-3263, email her at or go here to sign up!



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