Big Bear Still Open For The Ski Season!

Who would have thought that we’re nearing 80 degrees down here and enjoying spring  (more or less), while just a couple thousand feet above us, the snow season is still in full force!

Skiing in Snow Valley

There is no more new snow, but packed snow is in good condition. Even Snow Valley is still open, now down to 2 lifts, but nonetheless, with prices at $23.99 at Liftopia every day until March 31, this is a pretty sweet day. And children 6 and under are always free! So take advantage of this last week of skiing!

How’s It In The Austrian Alps
Serfaus Ski ResortI grew up skiing every year. We’d pack up the family and drive to the Austrian Alps to Serfaus for 2 weeks every year. We continued that tradition when Christopher was still little. Then we’d have the most amazing ski resort there, and it got better every year. Today, that resort has partnered with 2 neighboring resorts, and they’re working on adding a third. Can you say 212 kilometers of runs and 69 lifts!! They have been connected, so that you could literally keep skiing for a couple of days without ever using a lift twice. And it is absolutely perfect for children. There are kids’ hotels that are tailored for kids with evening programs, kids’ restaurants, kid’s pools, huge playgrounds and clubhouses. On the slopes, there is a huge kids’ area – The “Kids’ Snow School” (you MUST check out the pictures!) with ski classes for the little ones, including tons of snow toys and learning tools, a playground, a club house to warm up if it’s cold and a restaurant just for the kids’ groups. Serfaus has become a luxury destination focused around kids, and it is working so well that families from all over Europe come to visit. With 5 Star hotel rates at an average of $250 per night, I find it very sad to say that what you pay there for a 5 star luxury resort (literally, luxury at its finest. Think Aspen), it what you pay at Big Bear for a night at a cheap motel.

Serfaus Ski Resort

Back To SoCal Skiing
Ok, Anne, enough dreaming about days gone by. Back to reality, if you don’t want to spend a night in Big Bear (which is still fun to do), you’re just a short drive away mostly anywhere around here. We drove a bit under 2 hours to get to Big Bear from Long Beach. That’s not bad.

Skiing At Snow Valley

This trip was really special because it was the first time Christopher actually worked up the courage to go down the hill all by himself. He even learned to do curves and break – all by himself! I was so proud of him!! And for the first time, he actually enjoyed skiing and wanted to come right back the next day.

Skiing At Snow Valley

Skiing At Snow Valley

He became so courageous, he even wanted to go on the lift all by himself (uh… no!) and refused my help getting off the lift. He was going to get off ALL by himself, get himself around the corner and onto the slope where he would, all by himself, start to go down the slope. He had so much fun and was so proud of himself. We also built a snowman (as you can see), for which Christopher insisted, we had to bring a carrot from home as the nose. After building Frosty, we had a snowball fight until Christopher’s hands were too cold. Then he was good going back to skiing. I really want to take him for a short vacation next year so that he can build on his skills and be really good at the end of the vacation.

Skiing At Snow Valley

At Snow Valley, the conditions for beginners are really awesome. You get a pretty sweet deal for lift tickets for almost any day. You don’t get a lot of runs, but if you’re a beginner, that really doesn’t matter. Beginner kids just need the bunny slopes anyway. They do have ski classes there, too, but I’ve never looked into that. I just always taught Christopher myself.

So anyway, enjoy the rest of the season! Bear Mountain and Snow Summit are still open as well. And if you want to plan ahead for next year, you should buy season passes now because they are on sale until April 15 for just $229 for adults and $149 for for young kids.


One thought on “Big Bear Still Open For The Ski Season!

  1. Have you ever tried mountain high? I’ve taken my 4 and 6 year old there many times for snowboarding, but am considering having them take up skiing instead. Possibly at Bear or Snow Summit as you wrote about here. I learned as a teen, and could possibly teach them myself but find its just easier sometimes to sign them up with the schools for less conflict and enjoyment for everyone 🙂 I’m impressed that you taught your son yourself! Great job!

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