Despite It All – I Am Proud To Be An American (Part 2)

My Immigration StoryI am proud to be an American. This sentence really has special meaning to me for several reasons. Number 1: I was not born an American. Number 2: I really made the sacrifice. Number 3: I am still here. This post is about Number 1: My not-so-stereotypical journey to becoming a U.S. citizen. Continue reading

What To Do This Weekend In The OC

Maifest and Kinderfest

The weather is warm, spring is here – it’s time for Maifest/Kinderfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim! It’s a fun family day with lots of fun for the kids. There’ll be arts and crafts stations, pony rides, a bouncy castle and much more. Parents get to enjoy traditional German cuisine and some good beer in the Biergarten! Continue reading

Despite It All – I am Proud To Be An American (Part 1)

Proud to be an American

I’ve recently been thinking much about all the horrible acts that have been committed on our soil during the last few weeks and months. I’ve read posts on other blogs about how these bloggers have stopped watching the news. They don’t talk about it on their blogs, and they’re just altogether turned off by all the bad news we must watch every day and how everything gets hyped up. I couldn’t agree more. And then I started thinking about how sad it is that this country’s media MUST do this because it’s just a business after all, and whatever gets ratings up is what needs to be done. And then I get upset with our media and the way business works. The thing is: My thoughts – and the ways of this world – don’t stop here. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Getting Creative at Color Me Mine

Color Me MineI have not been to Color Me Mine since I was 17. For the last year, I’ve been passing one of their locations on my way home from work every day. And I keep thinking: I need to take Christopher there, he would love it. He is such a creative little boy and loves to color. It is so close to our house, we can walk there – I really have no excuse.

Well, this weekend, we finally made it. When I told him about it, he was instantly excited and couldn’t wait to get there! We went to the location on Second Street in Long Beach, which has a nice store front to see the hustle and bustle outside going on, but you still feel removed enough to enjoy a quite art experience. Continue reading

Mother’s Day at the Spa – Gift Idea (GIVEAWAY) #MomsPlayToo

Mother's Day SpecialThis Mother’s Day, everyone will wish they were a mother just to get this present! And mom or not, you’ll likely be traveling to Fullerton, because a couple of Downtown Fullerton businesses have thought up a wonderful Mother’s Day present idea. CoWork+Play has partnered with Chill & Relax to offer you a Mother’s Day Wellness Package at an incredible price! You will receive:

  • a 60 minute full-body Swedish massage and
  • one 4 hour lab for your child at the CoWork+Play labs
  • for just $50! Continue reading

The Most Horrible, Terrible, Worst Day Ever

the most horrible, terrible, worst day ever

8:00PM: It all started last night. With some man troubles. Or should I call it some absence-of-a-man troubles? That might be more fitting. Plus I was sick. Sore throat. So in my mental and physical misery, I decided it would be the only feasible decision to watch The Notebook. Well, ya. I don’t have to tell you that I ended up crying like a baby for the better half of the movie. So now I was sitting there sick, with some absence-of-a-man troubles, sulking over a Ryan Gosling’s undying dedication to that woman. Where was MY Ryan Gosling? I need a Ryan Gosling, no question (I will take referrals). Continue reading

Back-To-School: Playmobil School House Review

Playmobile School HouseA year ago for Christmas, my parents bought Christopher this Playmobil school house. Christopher had decided that he didn’t like school so much after all (in first grade). So my parents thought that maybe, if he could play the teacher, he’d start liking it more, understanding it more, or we could see through his play why exactly he doesn’t like going to school.

Well, all of the above remained rather unaccomplished. Most of the time, Playmobil secret agents invade the school or it gets trampled by dinosaurs. Sometimes, there’s an earthquake. Last weekend, the kids were actually supposed to go on a fieldtrip. To Kirkel Castle, that is, in Germany (naturally). We actually cleaned the school and put all the little accessories back inside (even though the classroom had to go to the gym and the gym equipment inside the classroom – because for field trip day, that’s how that works). But then the teacher turned out to be a bad guy and instead of going on a field trip, the kids were captured by the bad Playmobil spies and we were, once again, done playing school. Continue reading