Coolest Find At Costco: A Very Special Backpack For Back To School

Angry Birds BackpackA day too late for Wordless Wednesday, so I’ll add just some words. 🙂 Christopher had 2 backpacks this last school school year. On both of them, the bottom tore out. So for the remainder of summer, we needed an interim backpack. As we went to Costco last week to buy food, I saw those cuties. Continue reading

A Perfect Date Night For All Ages: Movies By The Beach

Movies By The Beach, Long Beach, CAWhen the sun goes down in Long Beach, beach life starts! At least during certain nights of the week. It’s the summer, so date night can be ANY night. Isn’t summer awesome? Tonight was Christopher’s and my date night. Every so often, my son gets to experience what a date is supposed to be. (Cheap, fun and innocent. That’s right!) So he gets to take his mommy out. He doesn’t have to pay yet. 😉 But tonight, no one had to pay, because movies by the beach are free! Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons How You Know You’re NOT A Camper

10 Reasons To Not Like Camping

A girl from my women’s group at church invited me to go camping. So I thought that would be fun! I hadn’t camped since 8th grade, but I love nature. I love being in the middle of it. So camping would HAVE to be fun. Let’s say that I did enjoy the smores and the company. I did enjoy girl talk at midnight around the fire pit and I loved seeing the stars and hearing the constant chirping of the crickets. I loved the smell of the pine trees and I didn’t even mind the occasional fly. And… that’s when the fun ended. Continue reading

When A Picture Speaks More Than A Thousand Words

should I get divorced?So it was my birthday. On paper, I get to spend this day with my son. I don’t have to share it or give it up, no matter what. Just that my birthday happens to also be son’s cousin’s birthday; and it was her first birthday this year. First birthdays are always special and they’re celebrated big. So was this one. The entire family was there, all the kids were there, and there was of course no way that I was going to keep Christopher away from that. So I had to be there, too… Continue reading

The Grass Is Always Greener Where You Water It

after divorceThis is not a whining post. It is a post written for women who think about getting a divorce. And really, it’s to stop them from doing so.

Granted, there are legitimate reasons to get divorced. If your husband is abusing you and you truly live in hell, by all means: Get out! And  take your kids! But if you’re thinking of getting out because “your feelings have changed” or “It’s just not working anymore” or something like that, then I want to implore you: Pull yourself together and remember the vows you have once made. I’m sure you weren’t kidding when you spoke them. Continue reading

How To Teach Your Child To Be Charitable (Part 2)

Goodwill DonatingIn part one of this series, I talked about how I am teaching Christopher to practically help others less fortunate by donating to Goodwill. Today, we had our second installment of this process. Instead of purchasing something from Goodwill, we actually donated the clothing we had sifted through a while back.

Today wasn’t so painful for Christopher because he didn’t have to try on clothes for two hours, he “just” had to take them to the donation center. On our way to Goodwill, I asked Christopher if he remembered why we’re donating to Goodwill. Given that it’s been over a month since we had last been there to purchase something to support Goodwill’s cause, it’s understandable that he couldn’t remember. Continue reading

German Immersion Saturday Classes For Kids

German American FriendshipIt’s not a secret that learning a second language is quite beneficial in today’s global society. It’s also not a secret that the earlier you learn a language, the better you will be at it. German is an excellent language to learn, many parts of the world speak German.

With an estimated 95–100 millionnative speakers, German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Outside of Europe, the U.S. has the highest German speaking population, and Southern California has large German communities. So it is one of the best places (unless you’re in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) to learn German. Continue reading

Westboro Baptist Church Found Its Match

Doing GoodJust picture it: A little 5-year old girl stands in her front lawn selling lemonade a dollar a cup for a good cause. Happens everywhere, right? Yes, but THIS girl actually raised over $14,000 dollars this week. What’s so special about this? The house she stands in front of is rainbow colored.. and right across the street from Westboro Baptist Church. And she’s raising money for anti-bullying organizations in the local Topeka area. Westboro Baptist Church, you’ve met your match! Continue reading

What If The Flag Hadn’t Still Been There?

Happy 4th of July

Only in Long Beach do you get Mimosas out of a Styrofoam cup for brunch. But hey, they made up for the lack of glasses by giving us triple mimosas… and after that, everything seemed a bit better for the moment. The better was certainly enhanced by these roller skating girls, which, I am going to say, you also only find in Long Beach! Continue reading

Disney’s Cars Land (Or: The One Place Where You Can Count On A Broken Down Attraction)

Cars Land Mainstreet

It was Christopher’s first and my second time at Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure! I love the place – I think it’s genius they made it look just like the place in the movie. And of course I think it’s awesome just the same that they actually have the characters drive around as real cars that will speak to you. There’s almost no topping that. Continue reading