Moving Made Easy: Zoom Errands To The Rescue

Zoom ErrandsMoving is quite a challenge. Any move involves so much work. You have to pack, you have to sort and organize, you have to find a new place. You have to buy packing materials. You have to buy more packing materials. You have to give formal notice. Switch all utilities. Research new Internet and cable service. You realize all the packing materials you’ve forgotten to buy and go buy even more. Continue reading

What Happens When You Go Whale Watching in Dana Point @DanaWharf #DanaWharfWhales

In honor of my 100th blog post, I went whale watching at Dana Wharf. No, that’s not true. I went whale watching because I got invited and was very happy to go because I’ve never went on a whale watching cruise before. But this is also my 100th blog post, so I thought it would be a cool tie in. 🙂

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf Continue reading

Long Beach Sea Festival Boasts Incredible Sand Art

Long Beach Sea FestivalWow! This week just flew by, didn’t it? Last weekend was the Annual Sandcastle Competition as part of the Long Beach Sea Festival. I had never attended before, and it was just amazing. A few dozen groups build the most amazing sand castles. A few vendors were there and the beach was abuzz.

There were 2 main categories in which castles were judged: Professional and amateur. Within the professional category, the judges awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Within the amateur category, there were several prize categories. So may I present, without further ado, the most amazing sand sculptures I’ve ever seen! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays With A Preekeend: Movies, Park, And Lucille’s

Because it’s summer and there is no such thing as a school night, weekends don’t have to happen on the weekends. So Christopher and I had ourselves a pre-weekend, a preekend! The coolest thing about having a preekend with a 7-year old, is that you get to be a kid again! Yay!

Best Tent Ever Continue reading

A Perfect Date Night For All Ages: Movies By The Beach

Movies By The Beach, Long Beach, CAWhen the sun goes down in Long Beach, beach life starts! At least during certain nights of the week. It’s the summer, so date night can be ANY night. Isn’t summer awesome? Tonight was Christopher’s and my date night. Every so often, my son gets to experience what a date is supposed to be. (Cheap, fun and innocent. That’s right!) So he gets to take his mommy out. He doesn’t have to pay yet. 😉 But tonight, no one had to pay, because movies by the beach are free! Continue reading

Disney’s Cars Land (Or: The One Place Where You Can Count On A Broken Down Attraction)

Cars Land Mainstreet

It was Christopher’s first and my second time at Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure! I love the place – I think it’s genius they made it look just like the place in the movie. And of course I think it’s awesome just the same that they actually have the characters drive around as real cars that will speak to you. There’s almost no topping that. Continue reading

First Day Of Summer With Monsters University – REVIEW (Can You Take Your Little Kids?)

I wish I could have just taken Christopher and gone to the beach today. But work didn’t care that it was the first day of summer; it still wanted to get done. We’ll celebrate tomorrow. Today, after being inside all day because of work, we just did another indoor activity: We went to see Monsters University. (If you haven’t checked out the website, you totally should. It is set up like a real university’s website with incredible detail, and a campus store of course. The marketing person in me is screaming: Excellent job, you guys, I am so impressed!)

Monsters University

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Our Present For Father’s Day

We’re keeping Father’s Day simple. We keep it simple every year, because I believe Father’s Day is not about spending money, it’s about appreciating dad in actual appreciative ways. Buying a present is not the way we appreciate dad in our family. Spending time with him, taking him out for a fun day is how we appreciate dad. And because Christopher is just 7, we make crafts for dad because that’s something we actually put time, effort and love into instead of just spending money. At let’s face it: How many more ties, socks, pens and CDs does dad really need?

Father's Day Mug from Shutterfly Continue reading

Mickey’s Magical Map – New Show At Disneyland

Mickey and The Magical MapI used to love Animazement. Can anyone remember this show that was THE show to see at Disneyland (on the Fantasyland Theatre Stage, too?) I know I am dating myself here, but when I was 17, I use to go to Disneyland just to see Animazement – all show times during one day. I just kept going back. That’s how much I loved that show! It had a huge following, too. And then one summer, I came back, and guess what: No more Animazement. They had discontinued it. One of the saddest Disney days ever. Continue reading

Completely Green Father’s Day Cards @paperculture

Paper Culture CardsWith Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for dad. As every year, it’s a battle finding something to buy for a man. And as every year, we are going to send out cards. One to Christopher’s dad, one to my dad. And some to a few dad friends we have who would care getting a card with our picture on it.

This year’s cards come from Paper Culture. Paper culture is a green business that produces products made from 100% post consumer recycled paper. With every order, Paper Culture plants at least one tree, too, as their charitable contribution to the planet. In the last 4 years, Paper Culture has planted over 300,000 trees in their customers’ names. Continue reading