Sunny Sundays: Strolling Down Memory Lane

Sunny Sundays

Today, we were outside on our deck that I loved so much when we moved in here. It definitely was one of the biggest selling points. Christopher was coloring with sidewalk chalk and I was watching him, helping him occasionally. We were playing with the hula hoop, too.

I had grand plans for this outside area when we first moved in; wanted to turn it into an oasis with outside couches and twinkling lights and lots of greenery. Well, that never happened. It turned into what I call a German backyard. Continue reading


My June Fitness Challenge Recap

Third Challenge:
The June Really-Ready-For-That-Beach-Body Workout

The Challenge

Anyone care about how my fitness month went? Well… it went. I just didn’t. I ended up doing a lot of strength exercises, but I really should not have cut out all the walking and stair climbing. I see it coming… I have to sign up for the gym again. If I don’t pay, I don’t do it. I haven’t lost a pound (boo!!!), but I do feel more fit. That’s at least something. We’re doing this for health, not to lose that last pound, right? 😉 Continue reading

My Workout-Every-Day Challenge

The Challenge

Well, in case anyone still cares to review this, here is what my challenge in April looked like. It was a workout challenge like no other. I decided to go cold-turkey back into working out – meaning from no workout at all to working out every day for 45 minutes. Needless to say that didn’t happen. But at least it kind of happened. So below is my recap. Then I skipped May; there was no challenge in May. I had to recover from this one. But in an attempt to still get that beach body because this April challenge didn’t cut it, I am adding another workout challenge this month. A little less stressful, though. So visit my Challenge tab to keep up with me and maybe join in! Continue reading

Learning How To Write (Or: Why Is English So Difficult?)

Did your mom save your first attempts at writing from when you were in first grade? Did you save your kids’ work? My mom’s saved every single paper I ever wrote on in elementary school, and it is just so funny to go back and look at all the mistakes I made. Just the same, it’s funny to look at the mistakes Christopher now makes. The way he writes things really make more sense than the way it is supposed to be… so whoever came up with English spelling and grammar rules wasn’t in his right mind. (It must have been a man, no question!) Continue reading

Mother’s Day at the Spa – Gift Idea (GIVEAWAY) #MomsPlayToo

Mother's Day SpecialThis Mother’s Day, everyone will wish they were a mother just to get this present! And mom or not, you’ll likely be traveling to Fullerton, because a couple of Downtown Fullerton businesses have thought up a wonderful Mother’s Day present idea. CoWork+Play has partnered with Chill & Relax to offer you a Mother’s Day Wellness Package at an incredible price! You will receive:

  • a 60 minute full-body Swedish massage and
  • one 4 hour lab for your child at the CoWork+Play labs
  • for just $50! Continue reading

The Most Horrible, Terrible, Worst Day Ever

the most horrible, terrible, worst day ever

8:00PM: It all started last night. With some man troubles. Or should I call it some absence-of-a-man troubles? That might be more fitting. Plus I was sick. Sore throat. So in my mental and physical misery, I decided it would be the only feasible decision to watch The Notebook. Well, ya. I don’t have to tell you that I ended up crying like a baby for the better half of the movie. So now I was sitting there sick, with some absence-of-a-man troubles, sulking over a Ryan Gosling’s undying dedication to that woman. Where was MY Ryan Gosling? I need a Ryan Gosling, no question (I will take referrals). Continue reading