5 Great Easter Crafts For Kids

One week to Easter! Have you gotten started on those Easter crafts yet? Here are 5 great crafts even the littlest ones can do. Let me know which one is your favorite!

#1: Tie Dye Your Eggs!

Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

All you need is food coloring, or the little tablets you can buy at any store right now and vinegar. Mix each color with a tablespoon of vinegar and go to work! Sprinkle up to 3 colors over each dry and hard-boiled egg. I used a syringe to squirt the colors onto the eggs, then let them settle. Quickly rinse with water. You’ve got art!

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Different Halloween Craft: An Inside-Out Jack-O-Lantern

Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

Happy Halloween, everyone!

What to do before and after you go trick or treating? Jack-O-Lanterns are always a fun and relatively easy craft to do with the whole family.

Here’s a new idea for this year: How about an inside-out Jack-O-Lantern? The benefit: Noone is going to want to touch it, so it won’t be tossed in the street and “killed” during trick-or-treat hours. 🙂 Let me know how it worked out for you! Continue reading

Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

Fall Crafts for KidsOctober is the time when we turn our eyes to fall. Parents and teachers alike are scrambling for new themed ideas of what to do with their kids. Especially when kids are still growing and young, it’s fun to do crafts with hand and foot prints because it commemorates so nicely how they grow year after year.

So here is a Halloween-y footprint, and a fall-y hand print idea. I’ve done both of them with my kids at German School and the parents love it. Continue reading

Fall Crafts Tutorial – Bring Nature Inside

All Natural Fall DecorationsIt’s finally fall! My favorite time of year. It’s when the weather gets chillier, the nights get longer, and you can sit by the fireplace with your Fall Harvest Candle making the room smell like comfort and joy. Wait, that’s Christmas. Well, we’re not far from that either! 😀

My favorite thing about fall is the changing seasons. The wind picks up, the leaves turn yellow, the rain starts falling, we get to wear long sleeves again. Being here in California, there’s not too much of that – which is a HUGE change from Germany, where I used to hate fall, but now just miss it even more so. Moving to my new apartment came at the perfect time. I moved from the beach (where the only green was on palm trees) so suburbia (where trees were planted on purpose, but are nonetheless there). I moved to an apartment community that pays particular attention to green landscaping, which I absolutely adore. So just in time for fall, I have all those trees around me and they’re currently turning yellow right in front of my living room window. Continue reading

Our Present For Father’s Day

We’re keeping Father’s Day simple. We keep it simple every year, because I believe Father’s Day is not about spending money, it’s about appreciating dad in actual appreciative ways. Buying a present is not the way we appreciate dad in our family. Spending time with him, taking him out for a fun day is how we appreciate dad. And because Christopher is just 7, we make crafts for dad because that’s something we actually put time, effort and love into instead of just spending money. At let’s face it: How many more ties, socks, pens and CDs does dad really need?

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Sunny Sundays: Handprint Flowers For Father’s Day

Handprint Flowers TutorialI fell in love with the idea of hand prints! There are so many different crafts you can do with hand prints and it keeps track so nicely of how the kiddos are growing. LOVE them! So for Father’s Day, this year, Christopher and I made hand print flowers, a simple but beautiful craft that you could even frame. Here’s the how-to. Continue reading

Green and Creative Masks On A Budget

What do you do on a June gloom day? Why, paper bag masks! Especially good for those of us on a budget, this is a fun and easy craft your kids can make all by themselves. Except for the staples. Help them with the staples.

I call him Scary Pinocchio.

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Sunny Sundays: Getting Creative at Color Me Mine

Color Me MineI have not been to Color Me Mine since I was 17. For the last year, I’ve been passing one of their locations on my way home from work every day. And I keep thinking: I need to take Christopher there, he would love it. He is such a creative little boy and loves to color. It is so close to our house, we can walk there – I really have no excuse.

Well, this weekend, we finally made it. When I told him about it, he was instantly excited and couldn’t wait to get there! We went to the location on Second Street in Long Beach, which has a nice store front to see the hustle and bustle outside going on, but you still feel removed enough to enjoy a quite art experience. Continue reading

The Easter Tree With Unbreakable Eggs

With St. Patrick’s Day basically over, we shifted gears and went right into Easter. Why, on such a beautiful spring day, that’s not a leap at all! So we made the kitchen table our craft table and painted about 2o Easter eggs. But they weren’t your regular eggs.

How To Decorate With Eggs

There’s only so much you can Long Beach-Lakewood-20130317-02091do with a real egg when it comes to decorating. You hardboil it and then it’ll spoil when keeping it outside the fridge, so you really can’t use them to decorate (except for your table on Easter morning). Or you can puncture an uncooked egg on both ends and blow out the insides… without puncturing your lungs or breaking the egg altogether. That’s an art in itself! And then you paint them and you still have to be careful like nothing else to not break them. At least, if you get through all of that, you CAN use them to decorate. Lastly, you can, of course, buy colored plastic eggs to decorate – but where’s the fun in that? Continue reading