Sunny Sundays With A Preekeend: Movies, Park, And Lucille’s

Because it’s summer and there is no such thing as a school night, weekends don’t have to happen on the weekends. So Christopher and I had ourselves a pre-weekend, a preekend! The coolest thing about having a preekend with a 7-year old, is that you get to be a kid again! Yay!

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Sunny Sundays: Strolling Down Memory Lane

Sunny Sundays

Today, we were outside on our deck that I loved so much when we moved in here. It definitely was one of the biggest selling points. Christopher was coloring with sidewalk chalk and I was watching him, helping him occasionally. We were playing with the hula hoop, too.

I had grand plans for this outside area when we first moved in; wanted to turn it into an oasis with outside couches and twinkling lights and lots of greenery. Well, that never happened. It turned into what I call a German backyard. Continue reading

How To Teach Your Child To Be Charitable (Part 2)

Goodwill DonatingIn part one of this series, I talked about how I am teaching Christopher to practically help others less fortunate by donating to Goodwill. Today, we had our second installment of this process. Instead of purchasing something from Goodwill, we actually donated the clothing we had sifted through a while back.

Today wasn’t so painful for Christopher because he didn’t have to try on clothes for two hours, he “just” had to take them to the donation center. On our way to Goodwill, I asked Christopher if he remembered why we’re donating to Goodwill. Given that it’s been over a month since we had last been there to purchase something to support Goodwill’s cause, it’s understandable that he couldn’t remember. Continue reading

German Immersion Saturday Classes For Kids

German American FriendshipIt’s not a secret that learning a second language is quite beneficial in today’s global society. It’s also not a secret that the earlier you learn a language, the better you will be at it. German is an excellent language to learn, many parts of the world speak German.

With an estimated 95–100 millionnative speakers, German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Outside of Europe, the U.S. has the highest German speaking population, and Southern California has large German communities. So it is one of the best places (unless you’re in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) to learn German. Continue reading

Westboro Baptist Church Found Its Match

Doing GoodJust picture it: A little 5-year old girl stands in her front lawn selling lemonade a dollar a cup for a good cause. Happens everywhere, right? Yes, but THIS girl actually raised over $14,000 dollars this week. What’s so special about this? The house she stands in front of is rainbow colored.. and right across the street from Westboro Baptist Church. And she’s raising money for anti-bullying organizations in the local Topeka area. Westboro Baptist Church, you’ve met your match! Continue reading

A Business Plan For Your Life (Part 1)

Business Plan For Your LifeBefore you start a business, you make a business plan, right? You plan your goals, you set your objectives and you figure out your strategies and tactics to achieve those goals. You make a budget and plan for eventualities. And then you work your butt off to implement those strategies in order to get to your goals. Because if you don’t make your goals, or at least come close, you’re going to lose your entire investment and your livelihood.

I want to start exploring how a business plan for your life can make or break your life, or at the very least make it better. Join me for a series in which I will explore pivotal areas of our lives from a “business angle” to make them better.
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National Lemonade Days Against Childhood Cancer

National Lemonade DaysFor a few years now, I’ve supported Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). (And it’s actually not the reason why my tag line is “Turning lemons into lemonade” even though it totally fits here!) This organization is so special because it was actually founded by a little girl, Alex (hence the name). Alex was 1 year old in 1997, when she was diagnosed with cancer and she was 4 years old when she decided she wanted to host a lemonade stand to help her doctors help other children with cancer, too. During this first lemonade stand, Alex raised $2000!

A 4 Year Old Who Raised $1 Million
Her stated goal was to raise 1 million dollars. Her mom thought that was a completely insane number, but like a good mom, she let her little child dream. But this little girl was as dedicated to helping other children with cancer as she could be. When Alex passed away at the age of 8, she had raised over 1 million dollars for childhood cancer research with an army of people that helped her hold lemonade stands all over the country. Continue reading

How To Teach Your Child To Be Charitable (Part 1)

Learning About CharityChristopher has a really good sense of compassion. He always wants to help those he thinks need help, but so far, dad and dad’s side of the family have taught him that this help comes in the form of simply giving money. This seems to resonate with Christopher since he is quite money-focused (I quietly think he’ll be some sort of entrepreneur and make us all rich). He frequently opens his piggy bank to count how much he’s saved already, what he could buy with it, and actually, how much he could give to the poor with it. He even wanted to give his college savings to a poor child in Africa. (That’s when the necessity of teaching how to save became very apparent) He is currently completely wrapped up in making sense of money; so using money as charity makes sense to him. So I decided that it’s time to learn there’s other, and simpler, ways of helping those who need help. Continue reading

The Most Important Man in My Life (To Raise Me Up)

After all the shallowness we’ve been wading through ever since the whole Abercrombie and Fitch thing came back up a few days ago, it’s been amazing (and really relieving) seeing all the support pouring in from all over the country to the “non-A&F-worthy.” It has been so moving to me how much (inter)national support people are getting in recent times who are beautiful because they’re beautiful on the inside, regardless of their outside. We’re putting an end to bullying, and now we’re putting an end to arrogant people. Awesome, because I despise both.

Being Bullied
I had to grow up being bullied. It started in 6th grade and got progressively worse and never ended until I graduated high school. And unfortunately, there was no awareness of this huge problem when I was in school. To make matters worse, the girl who used to be my best friend started the bullying against me and succeeded in getting my whole class, the class above me, and even some of the teachers (yes!) to bully me and be condescending. Continue reading

Join The Cause: Abercrombie and Fitch For The Homeless! #FitchTheHomeless

I hope by now, everyone has heard about the ridiculousness that came from A&F’s CEO Mike Jeffries. If you’ve been living under a rock, here is what happened: In an interview that has resurfaced, he states that he doesn’t make clothes bigger than a large (which is really a medium in A&F sizing) becausse he doesn’t want fat or ugly people to wear his clothes. In a nutshell. It was much uglier and much more offensive what he said than what any person could ever look like. (I must wonder at this point if he was raised by wolves. Or robots. Or I don’t know what… the devil himself.)

In case you don’t know who Mike Jeffries is, here is what he looks like:

Mike Jeffries

No, this is NOT a joke, this is NOT a drill, and this is NOT a test. The person who says ugly people can’t wear his clothes looks like THIS. And this is not just an unfortunate or doctored photo. Here’s another one if you don’t believe me: Continue reading