One Week Of Gluten-Free Kids-Friendly Meals

This last week, we started Christopher on a gluten-free diet. It’s quite a challenge to switch over… I didn’t realize how many foods have gluten hidden inside. Trader Joe’s to the rescue, though, for almost everything I needed. So I assembled a list of a week’s worth of kid-friendly gluten-free meals.

Despite summer break, I still have to work every day, so breakfast includes no cooking and needs to be fast. So our breakfasts mainly consist of cereal (Corn Pops is the only one I could find) and gluten-free, wheat-free waffles with some Nutella.

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Homemade, Healthy Banana Ice Cream

What do you do when you accidentally bought bananas twice and now there are about 12 bananas in the house with really only one person eating bananas? You make banana ice cream, of course! This is a healthy recipe, too, so no worries about too much fat or sugar!

Regular ice cream becomes creamy and not “frozen” because you add heavy cream and condensed milk. I was looking for some healthier treat, though. Plus, I wanted to get rid of my excess bananas, instead of buying more stuff (I don’t happen to have heavy cream and condensed milk at the house unless I specifically need it).

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Gluten-Free For The Summer – I Need Help!

Chicken Elephant for Picky Eaters

With the start of summer break, Christopher’s dad and I have decided to go gluten-free. At least Christopher will. Christopher’s teachers think that he might be slightly autistic, and we both agree that that’s a possibility. I’ve been reading about a gluten-free diet making autism go away in children, so I’ve been wanting to do this. Continue reading

Osterkranz (Easter Sweet Bread) Recipe for 12 Loaves

One of the blogs I follow is called “Diary of a Mad Hausfrau.” Written by another German lady living in the United States, as I would assume, this blog shows how to make a German traditional Easter treat: Sweet bread Easter wreaths.

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