Hot Mamas Drop Their Towels At German Mardi Gras #PartyLikeAGerman

German Mardi Gras, Karneval at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

The German Karneval season has started. And if you haven’t made it to an event yet, you are missing out and should definitely go next time! Last night was the grand costume ball and we all had a blast!

German Mardi Gras? Say what?

German Mardi Gras, called Karneval, is what I call a mix of Oktoberfest and Halloween. You party like Oktoberfest but  you do it dressed up in costumes… but they don’t have to be scary. Karneval is all about being funny and having fun. You will find dance performances, hilarious skits, and Prince and Princess Karneval on stage, and lots of beer and other flowing liquids, dancing, and laughing off stage.

German Mardi Gras, Karneval at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

While drinking, laughing, dancing, singing along, and clapping is permitted at all times, dropping all your garments isn’t so much…. except for…

When you’re a HoT MaMa!!

It just so happens that I am one of them. I mean, let’s face it, I am a hot mama always. But only for Karneval will I be on stage the way God made me.

It’s Your Chance For The Funniest (And Funnest) Night Out Ever!

Yes, Karneval is for adults only. Not in an x-rated kind of way, but it’s just not a place for the littles. They’d just be bored. Except for Kinderkarneval, which is completely family-friendly. See the schedule below for upcoming events, you should definitely make it out to at least one if you’re local!

German Mardi Gras, Karneval at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim


2/15: Karneval auf der Reeperbahn (“Karneval in the Redlight District.” Definitely adults only!)

2/22: Karneval on Safari

2/23: Kinderkarneval “Auf Hoher See” – Pirates Party!
(Bring the whole family! With costume contest for the kids)

All events are themed and your costume should reflect the notion, but doesn’t have to.

Doors open 7PM for all events, program starts at 8PM. Cover: $5 per person.

At the Phoenix Club in Anaheim
1340 S. Sanderson Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

For more information about Karneval and the Phoenix Club, visit their website here.

To keep up to date with the latest and greatest, follow the Phoenix Club on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

So without further ado, here are…

The HoT MaMaS!

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