Top 16 Ways To Get Yourself Banned From Walmart – What?!

Not Welcome At Walmart

In order to get banned from Walmart out of all places, you must be behaving pretty radically. Well, here it is! I don’t know who wrote this, but it is too good not to share. I can’t give proper attribution to the writer (even though he totally deserves it), but I also won’t take credit for coming up with it myself. And now: Prepare for tears to roll down your cheeks from all the laughing! Continue reading

Most Wonderful Night At The Harvest Crusade #SoCalHarvest

Anne at Harvest Crusade SoCal

This is what excited Anne looks like! Last weekend, for the 24th time in a row, it was time again for the Harvest Crusade, as part of Harvest America, at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim. And Sunday was MY day, because my favorite band, Third Day, was playing. I was beyond excited since I had never seen them live in concert.

Apart from Third Day and Phil Wickham, Phil from Duck Dynasty was also there and did an interview with Pastor Greg Laurie on stage. The stadium was full of Duck Dynasty fans… which was a little bit crazy, I admit. The night started with a packed house. We arrived 5 minutes after the gates opened, and the stadium was already full.

Harvest Crusade at Angels Stadium

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It All Came Crashing Down

too muchMy posts have been spotty lately. That’s because I’ve been going through another wave of pain, trying to work out all the different feelings that came crashing down all at once. Normally, I would have written them down here and shared with you… because a big reason for me to write this blog is to hopefully touch someone’s heart by letting them know “Hey, someone else has these problems, too. You are not alone.” But this time around, everything was so overwhelming that I just wanted to run away from it and not deal with it at all. I still don’t quite know how to put this feelings-meltingpot into words because during the last 2 weeks, I’ve been going through a roller coaster. Continue reading

Long Beach Sea Festival Boasts Incredible Sand Art

Long Beach Sea FestivalWow! This week just flew by, didn’t it? Last weekend was the Annual Sandcastle Competition as part of the Long Beach Sea Festival. I had never attended before, and it was just amazing. A few dozen groups build the most amazing sand castles. A few vendors were there and the beach was abuzz.

There were 2 main categories in which castles were judged: Professional and amateur. Within the professional category, the judges awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. Within the amateur category, there were several prize categories. So may I present, without further ado, the most amazing sand sculptures I’ve ever seen! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays With A Preekeend: Movies, Park, And Lucille’s

Because it’s summer and there is no such thing as a school night, weekends don’t have to happen on the weekends. So Christopher and I had ourselves a pre-weekend, a preekend! The coolest thing about having a preekend with a 7-year old, is that you get to be a kid again! Yay!

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Sunny Sundays: Strolling Down Memory Lane

Sunny Sundays

Today, we were outside on our deck that I loved so much when we moved in here. It definitely was one of the biggest selling points. Christopher was coloring with sidewalk chalk and I was watching him, helping him occasionally. We were playing with the hula hoop, too.

I had grand plans for this outside area when we first moved in; wanted to turn it into an oasis with outside couches and twinkling lights and lots of greenery. Well, that never happened. It turned into what I call a German backyard. Continue reading