A Different Kind of Restaurant Review: Souplantation

SouplantationBefore we moved to Southern California in 2009, we lived in Northern California for 4 years. While there, I discovered a restaurant chain called The Fresh Choice (and when I just tried to hyperlink it, I discovered that is the chain went out of business 😦 ). The restaurant’s center piece was a salad bar, and then you could load up on sides such as soups, breads, pizzas and pasta. It also featured different desserts and the whole all-you-can-eat experience. I used to love to go there, because it was healthy AND affordable. $8.99 got you the whole deal. Kids only paid $2.99. So we were there all the time.

I was still married at the time and Christopher was still a little boy, 3 and 4 years old. I remember going there with the family, or with my girlfriends, and having a good time. Because it’s extremely casual, it’s really a perfect place to take young kids. I have such good memories going there. It reminds me of happy summer days when things were just good. Continue reading