Bucket Playset from Costco Review Straight From The 7-Year-Old

Every time I go to Costco, I find something else awesome for a really great price. Needless to say I love Costco. Ok, so this time, I found the Bucket Playset (they don’t have it online – you must go to the store! I found it at the Fullerton Costco). The best part about this play set is that this bucket is crammed full of really cool sand toys (including another bucket!), made of high quality plastics, and it’s only $9.99! The second Christopher started unpacking it, he had decided that the next day, we had to go to the beach, no matter the weather. Why, I was proud of myself to have picked such a great set AND to have a child happy with the little things 🙂

Bucket Playset

Costco Bucket PlaysetSo the next day, we took the bucket with all its fittings (and a large shovel I bought at Target for $2.99) to the beach and so the trial began. Christopher (and I!) was really excited to try out the sand/water mill, so that’s the first thing we did. Turns out sand didn’t work so well with it – can you tell by his face?

Costco Bucket Playset

But water worked just perfect and he was really happy.

Costco Bucket Playset

The pattern roller worked really well in wet AND dry sand. I was amazed. Christopher played with it for a minute, and then…

Costco Bucket Playset

went on digging his hole. (Because you know… he’s a boy.) With both the Bucket Playset shovel and the Target shovel. It worked well. Because it was windy, he then went on to hide in a hole for about 20 minutes. Which gave me the opportunity to relax for a bit after having to dig that hole!

Costco Bucket Playset

Where have YOU bought really cool sand toys? I 100% recommeng getting this one – I cannot believe it was THIS cool and affordable!

3 thoughts on “Bucket Playset from Costco Review Straight From The 7-Year-Old

  1. That is so funny! In Holland there is a Running joke that when Germans go to the beach, all they do is digg holes & lay in it. I had to laugh so hard when that is what is on the pictures! Ha! I hope your day at the beach was awesome!


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