German Immersion Saturday Classes For Kids

German American FriendshipIt’s not a secret that learning a second language is quite beneficial in today’s global society. It’s also not a secret that the earlier you learn a language, the better you will be at it. German is an excellent language to learn, many parts of the world speak German.

With an estimated 95–100 millionnative speakers, German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Outside of Europe, the U.S. has the highest German speaking population, and Southern California has large German communities. So it is one of the best places (unless you’re in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) to learn German. Continue reading

UEFA Champions League Finals At The Phoenix Club (Memorial Day Weekend Day 1)

UEFA Champions League FinalsIf there is ONE thing Germans love, it’s soccer. I am not much of a sports fan, but when it comes to German teams in big soccer matches, I am all in! And for the first time in history, 2 German soccer teams played in the UEFA Champions League Finals, happening at the Wembley Stadium in London. If you don’t know: The best individual teams from around Europe (not the national teams) play each other. Sort of like a Europa Cup, but with city teams. Of course this was too good a game to watch from home. So I joined a few hundred other FC Bayern Muenchen and Borussia Dortmund fans at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim to watch a really good, really nerve-wrecking soccer match. Continue reading

Despite It All – I Am Proud To Be A German American (Kind Of Part 6)

The Phoenix ClubSurprise – There’s a Part 6 after all! Who would have thought! This Tuesday was Activity Group Night at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, a German Cultural and Events Center here that has given me personally a home when I most needed one. The members of the Phoenix Club welcomed me with open arms as soon as I showed up. They have truly become my German family away from Germany and made it possible for me to have a stronghold amidst the chaos that has been reigning my life.

In Part 1-5 I have focused on counting our blessings, my immigration story, how I became a divorced weekend mom because I forgot how to count those blessings, and how I remembered to count those blessings again. This part takes a bit of a different approach. While I am still proud to be an American, I think it is possible for me to say that because I have first learned how to be a proud German. I have learned that if I don’t embrace who I’ve always been, if I don’t embrace my innate culture and roots, then I am just sort of lost, always looking for an identity. And while it would make sense to look for that identity within the American culture now, deep in my heart I am German (because I was exclusively German for the first 21 years of my life). It’s just that I am a German who’s been in the U.S. for the past 9 years. So – I now proudly call myself (and my son) a German American. Because that’s truly what we are. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Lots Of Fun For Kids at German Maifest

Phoenix Club MaifestWhat a happy Sunday! Today was Maifest and Kinderfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, with lots of dance performances, a dance around the Maypole, tons of kids activities and a German kids theater performance. Everything from a bouncy house to making bird houses was available to do for the kiddos, and all for free! Continue reading

What To Do This Weekend In The OC

Maifest and Kinderfest

The weather is warm, spring is here – it’s time for Maifest/Kinderfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim! It’s a fun family day with lots of fun for the kids. There’ll be arts and crafts stations, pony rides, a bouncy castle and much more. Parents get to enjoy traditional German cuisine and some good beer in the Biergarten! Continue reading

Help Me Decide Which Dress To Wear For Mayfest!

Maifest is coming up at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim! I am so excited; it’s a tradition in all German-speaking countries with traditional dances around the May pole, German food, beer and music. This Maifest at the Phoenix Club is also a Kinderfest with tons of entertainment for kids! My son will actually get to perform twice: With the dance group (around the May pole) and with the German school (they’re performing a German song). But most importantly: I need something to wear! Continue reading

Making Easter Sunday Brunch A New Family Tradition

Anaheim-Santa Ana-Garden Grove-20130331-02414What a wonderful Easter this year! The love of my life (my son!) and I went to the Phoenix Club‘s Easter Sunday Brunch and Easter egg hunt this year. For as long as I live in the area, we will be going here every year from now on. I just started a new tradition! 🙂  Continue reading

No Easter Plans Yet? Family Brunch at the Phoenix Club

Phoenix Club Champagne BrunchIf you still don’t know what to do for Easter Sunday, I’d highly recommend the Easter Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

It starts out with an Easter egg hunt for the kids, starting at 11 sharp (you really want to be on time!) and then goes into brunch in the grand ballroom. Two seating times for brunch are available: 11AM and 1PM. Continue reading

Easter EGGstravaganza For Young And Old

Easter EggstravaganzaToday was the first Easter celebration of the season at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. Being a German cultural center that seeks to upkeep German heritage not just for Germans, but the whole community, this Easter EGGstravaganza integrated mostly German Easter traditions. A big fair started at 11AM on the club’s fairground. Entrance was free and there was something for everyone to do. This was a family friendly event, with good food and live music; and what stood out the most to me was that there was something to do from the youngest to the oldest.

Many families came with their babies, their teens and their grandparents. Continue reading

Easter EGGstravaganza At The Phoenix Club in Anaheim

Easter Eggstravaganza

If you are still trying to figure out what to do today or what Easter activity still fits in, this is the place to be in Orange County today!

April 24, 11AM – 4 PM

at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

1340 S. Sanderson Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806

Featuring Authentic German Food and Beer, Kids’ Area, Arts and Crafts