Hot Mamas Drop Their Towels At German Mardi Gras #PartyLikeAGerman

German Mardi Gras, Karneval at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim

The German Karneval season has started. And if you haven’t made it to an event yet, you are missing out and should definitely go next time! Last night was the grand costume ball and we all had a blast!

German Mardi Gras? Say what?

German Mardi Gras, called Karneval, is what I call a mix of Oktoberfest and Halloween. You party like Oktoberfest but  you do it dressed up in costumes… but they don’t have to be scary. Karneval is all about being funny and having fun. You will find dance performances, hilarious skits, and Prince and Princess Karneval on stage, and lots of beer and other flowing liquids, dancing, and laughing off stage. Continue reading

Fall Crafts Tutorial – Bring Nature Inside

All Natural Fall DecorationsIt’s finally fall! My favorite time of year. It’s when the weather gets chillier, the nights get longer, and you can sit by the fireplace with your Fall Harvest Candle making the room smell like comfort and joy. Wait, that’s Christmas. Well, we’re not far from that either! 😀

My favorite thing about fall is the changing seasons. The wind picks up, the leaves turn yellow, the rain starts falling, we get to wear long sleeves again. Being here in California, there’s not too much of that – which is a HUGE change from Germany, where I used to hate fall, but now just miss it even more so. Moving to my new apartment came at the perfect time. I moved from the beach (where the only green was on palm trees) so suburbia (where trees were planted on purpose, but are nonetheless there). I moved to an apartment community that pays particular attention to green landscaping, which I absolutely adore. So just in time for fall, I have all those trees around me and they’re currently turning yellow right in front of my living room window. Continue reading

One Week Of Gluten-Free Kids-Friendly Meals

This last week, we started Christopher on a gluten-free diet. It’s quite a challenge to switch over… I didn’t realize how many foods have gluten hidden inside. Trader Joe’s to the rescue, though, for almost everything I needed. So I assembled a list of a week’s worth of kid-friendly gluten-free meals.

Despite summer break, I still have to work every day, so breakfast includes no cooking and needs to be fast. So our breakfasts mainly consist of cereal (Corn Pops is the only one I could find) and gluten-free, wheat-free waffles with some Nutella.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Father’s Day! How Was Yours?

Father's Day

After a night of Christopher being more awake than asleep (but we lost another tooth! Yay!), our Father’s Day was rather slow. Dad got his presents in bed – Christopher was particularly proud of the coffee mug – dad will have to drink coffee out of it every day AND use it as a pencil holder. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Handprint Flowers For Father’s Day

Handprint Flowers TutorialI fell in love with the idea of hand prints! There are so many different crafts you can do with hand prints and it keeps track so nicely of how the kiddos are growing. LOVE them! So for Father’s Day, this year, Christopher and I made hand print flowers, a simple but beautiful craft that you could even frame. Here’s the how-to. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: The Hidden Beauty Of Disneyland

Hidden Disneyland GemsI don’t know about where you are at, but here, nothing was sunny about this Sunday. So I decided to share with you my Disney gems from my most recent trip. I love finding the hidden beauty of Disneyland that you get to look for when you don’t have to rush from one ride to another while frantically trying to keep your family together and figuring out the map that looks a lot easier than the actual paths. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays = Sunny Sanddays

Sunny SundaysA friend of mine arrived from Germany today to visit. So Christopher and I took her to the beach in our backyard. As we were sitting at the beach enjoying the sun and playing with our beloved Costco play set, I started wondering out loud what I would write for my Sunny Sunday Column today. So Christopher said: “What day is it today?” – Sunday. “Sandday?” he says. “Yes, it’s Sunday,” I say. He says: No, it’s SANDday!” Why, thank you Christopher! That’s what I’ll write about! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Mother’s Day in La Jolla

Happy Mother's Day 2013I had the best Mother’s Day ever! My Mother’s Day even started with my son announcing that I would have the BEST MOTHER’S DAY EVER… as he joined me in bed. At 7AM. But that was ok, because right after, with the biggest smile on his face, he announced that I could not come out of bed because he was going to bring me my first present. It was a picture he had drawn with me in bed with a bowl on my belly, stacked up high with food. For the first year ever, Christopher truly seemed to get the meaning of this day, and he had planned days and weeks in advance what he was going to do for me. He was so excited about giving mom the best day ever. I’ve rarely seen him so excited and happy! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Lots Of Fun For Kids at German Maifest

Phoenix Club MaifestWhat a happy Sunday! Today was Maifest and Kinderfest at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim, with lots of dance performances, a dance around the Maypole, tons of kids activities and a German kids theater performance. Everything from a bouncy house to making bird houses was available to do for the kiddos, and all for free! Continue reading