A Family Night Out in Long Beach

There are so many things to do with your family in Long Beach. There are so many parks, playgrounds, and beaches if you’re looking for free. Check out 100 Days of Summer going on right now. If you have some money to spend, think of Naples with its picturesque canals; take a ride in a gondola or rent a boat to cruise around and feel like you’re actually in Naples, Italy. And if you feel like being a tourist, there’s always the Queen Mary. A favorite always is of course The Pike, right downtown by the waterfront. It is so beautiful there with so many entertainment options, it’s always one of Christopher’s and my top choices when we think of what we want to do.

The Waterfront in Long Beach, The Pike Continue reading

One Week Of Gluten-Free Kids-Friendly Meals

This last week, we started Christopher on a gluten-free diet. It’s quite a challenge to switch over… I didn’t realize how many foods have gluten hidden inside. Trader Joe’s to the rescue, though, for almost everything I needed. So I assembled a list of a week’s worth of kid-friendly gluten-free meals.

Despite summer break, I still have to work every day, so breakfast includes no cooking and needs to be fast. So our breakfasts mainly consist of cereal (Corn Pops is the only one I could find) and gluten-free, wheat-free waffles with some Nutella.

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Discover A Hidden Treasure: Mother’s Beach in Naples (Long Beach)

Mother's Beach Day

When it’s a beautiful Saturday with no cloud in the sky and you live by the beach, it’s a no-brainer as to what to do for the day. A day at the beach! We live in Long Beach, so going to the actual beach isn’t terribly exciting… no waves and mainly dirty water. However, there’s a hidden treasure tucked away in beautiful Naples: Mother’s Beach. I’m telling you: It’s called Mother’s Beach because it’s any mother’s dream: Relax while the kids are happily occupied – and it’s all free! Continue reading

First Day Of Summer With Monsters University – REVIEW (Can You Take Your Little Kids?)

I wish I could have just taken Christopher and gone to the beach today. But work didn’t care that it was the first day of summer; it still wanted to get done. We’ll celebrate tomorrow. Today, after being inside all day because of work, we just did another indoor activity: We went to see Monsters University. (If you haven’t checked out the website, you totally should. It is set up like a real university’s website with incredible detail, and a campus store of course. The marketing person in me is screaming: Excellent job, you guys, I am so impressed!)

Monsters University

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It’s the Despicablimp!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the Despicablimp!


Man, are those guys over at Universal doing an awesome job promoting Despicable Me 2 – everyone who sees this simple blimp is waaaay too excited! So were we. On our way back home, Christopher and I were sitting in traffic, when lo and behold, the Despicablimp appeared right before us. Continue reading

Speechless Wednesday In Long Beach

Downtown Long BeachYes, that’s right. It’s speechless, not wordless. We go to the arcade maybe 4 times a year. It truly is a treat, a special mom-and-son date night. So since this morning when I told him, Christopher was looking forward to going to the arcade. I mean, out of his mind excited! He was so excited to get there, I think he had never eaten his dinner and taken a bath so quickly! Ready to go, we drove there, we parked, we walked to KDB… and they were closed for a grad night. Hello, KDB! How about announcing that on your website? That would have been nice. So needless to say that Christopher was not quite wordless, but speechless nonetheless. Crushing. The world ended. Continue reading

Not A Princess (Part 3)

Not A Princess 3Read Part 1.

Read Part 2.

Not A Princess (3)

I sit at the beach behind my favorite building with the green copper roof that looks like a castle
with a dead dream of being a princess.
Because princesses aren’t happy either and die in the end. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Father’s Day! How Was Yours?

Father's Day

After a night of Christopher being more awake than asleep (but we lost another tooth! Yay!), our Father’s Day was rather slow. Dad got his presents in bed – Christopher was particularly proud of the coffee mug – dad will have to drink coffee out of it every day AND use it as a pencil holder. Continue reading

Not A Princess (Part 1)

Not a princessI wrote this poem 2 years ago. Shortly after my divorce when my life had collapsed and was entirely in ruins. I thought it’s time to publish it. I had so much to muse about, it comes in three parts.

Not A Princess

Enough of the life in a box.

Enough to be a dreamer
like children that dream of being princesses.
I dreamed of marrying Prince William
because he was in the country right next to me
and he lived in a castle and he had all that he wanted.

But he married someone else
and he got the duchess
while I got a divorce.
And he still lives in a castle
While I live in an old 2-bedroom apartment
and he is having a little baby prince
while mine is being taken away from me. Continue reading