Westboro Baptist Church Found Its Match

Doing GoodJust picture it: A little 5-year old girl stands in her front lawn selling lemonade a dollar a cup for a good cause. Happens everywhere, right? Yes, but THIS girl actually raised over $14,000 dollars this week. What’s so special about this? The house she stands in front of is rainbow colored.. and right across the street from Westboro Baptist Church. And she’s raising money for anti-bullying organizations in the local Topeka area. Westboro Baptist Church, you’ve met your match! Continue reading

Kids’ Advice On Love

Questions concerning love and wisdom were posed to a group of children ages 5 to 10. Thank you for this compilation to the UC Berkeley Parents Network. I laughed out loud at some of these. Don’t kids have all the answers (and the most honest)!

Kids' Advice on Love Continue reading