My June Fitness Challenge Recap

Third Challenge:
The June Really-Ready-For-That-Beach-Body Workout

The Challenge

Anyone care about how my fitness month went? Well… it went. I just didn’t. I ended up doing a lot of strength exercises, but I really should not have cut out all the walking and stair climbing. I see it coming… I have to sign up for the gym again. If I don’t pay, I don’t do it. I haven’t lost a pound (boo!!!), but I do feel more fit. That’s at least something. We’re doing this for health, not to lose that last pound, right? 😉 Continue reading

My Workout-Every-Day Challenge

The Challenge

Well, in case anyone still cares to review this, here is what my challenge in April looked like. It was a workout challenge like no other. I decided to go cold-turkey back into working out – meaning from no workout at all to working out every day for 45 minutes. Needless to say that didn’t happen. But at least it kind of happened. So below is my recap. Then I skipped May; there was no challenge in May. I had to recover from this one. But in an attempt to still get that beach body because this April challenge didn’t cut it, I am adding another workout challenge this month. A little less stressful, though. So visit my Challenge tab to keep up with me and maybe join in! Continue reading