Sunny Sundays With A Preekeend: Movies, Park, And Lucille’s

Because it’s summer and there is no such thing as a school night, weekends don’t have to happen on the weekends. So Christopher and I had ourselves a pre-weekend, a preekend! The coolest thing about having a preekend with a 7-year old, is that you get to be a kid again! Yay!

Best Tent Ever Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Father’s Day! How Was Yours?

Father's Day

After a night of Christopher being more awake than asleep (but we lost another tooth! Yay!), our Father’s Day was rather slow. Dad got his presents in bed – Christopher was particularly proud of the coffee mug – dad will have to drink coffee out of it every day AND use it as a pencil holder. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays: Handprint Flowers For Father’s Day

Handprint Flowers TutorialI fell in love with the idea of hand prints! There are so many different crafts you can do with hand prints and it keeps track so nicely of how the kiddos are growing. LOVE them! So for Father’s Day, this year, Christopher and I made hand print flowers, a simple but beautiful craft that you could even frame. Here’s the how-to. Continue reading

Sunny Sundays = Sunny Sanddays

Sunny SundaysA friend of mine arrived from Germany today to visit. So Christopher and I took her to the beach in our backyard. As we were sitting at the beach enjoying the sun and playing with our beloved Costco play set, I started wondering out loud what I would write for my Sunny Sunday Column today. So Christopher said: “What day is it today?” – Sunday. “Sandday?” he says. “Yes, it’s Sunday,” I say. He says: No, it’s SANDday!” Why, thank you Christopher! That’s what I’ll write about! Continue reading

Sunny Sundays At Chuck’s

Chuck's Coffee ShopHere’s my new column: Sunny Sundays! Others have Wordless Wednesdays, I got Sunny Sundays. Because when you live right by the beach, it’s all about the Sundays!

This morning, we enjoyed brunch at Chuck’s Coffe Shop. Chuck’s is a local breakfast place, as they say, it’s “locally world famous.” It’s in such a cute spot, right across the beach, and a neighborhood favorite. I had the Sunny Special – perfect for a sunny Sunday. Eggs, Bacon and French Toast. Oh yes! Continue reading