My Workout-Every-Day Challenge

The Challenge

Well, in case anyone still cares to review this, here is what my challenge in April looked like. It was a workout challenge like no other. I decided to go cold-turkey back into working out – meaning from no workout at all to working out every day for 45 minutes. Needless to say that didn’t happen. But at least it kind of happened. So below is my recap. Then I skipped May; there was no challenge in May. I had to recover from this one. But in an attempt to still get that beach body because this April challenge didn’t cut it, I am adding another workout challenge this month. A little less stressful, though. So visit my Challenge tab to keep up with me and maybe join in! Continue reading


A New Challenge: The Beach Workout

The Challenge

Isn’t it almost sad that working out has to be a challenge? Making cupcakes sounds much easier 😉 But… I am doing it. Actually, I am not doing it to loose weight (even though I wouldn’t mind finally dropping those holiday pounds I put on months ago). I just really feel out of shape. So, ladies, I am getting back in shape and that is just that! Who’s with me? Continue reading

My Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge

Random Acts Of KindnessAs you can all see right above, I have added a Challenge tab. The idea is that I have a challenge every month (or as often as my sanity allows) and instead of posting about it every day in form of a blog post and bore you all to death, I’ll update the challenge tab and you can go there and check on my progress when you feel like it.

To start out, I decided that for the rest of March, so for the next 10 days, I will have a RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS challenge. Some ideas I got from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website, some I got on my own. Starting today, I will commit one random act of kindness every day.

I have purposely not picked acts that simply involve paying for something for a stranger. For one, that’s because I can’t afford doing that. But more importantly, I wanted to do things that really have meaning. So when you go to my challenge tab, you can see my acts planned out. As the days go by, I will record under the day what I actually did and how it went. This plan might change based on spontaneity or opportunities that present themselves. I will update accordingly.

If anyone wants to join me in the challenge or has a compelling story to tell, I’d love to share it! Let me know!