Sunny Sundays: Mother’s Day in La Jolla

Happy Mother's Day 2013I had the best Mother’s Day ever! My Mother’s Day even started with my son announcing that I would have the BEST MOTHER’S DAY EVER… as he joined me in bed. At 7AM. But that was ok, because right after, with the biggest smile on his face, he announced that I could not come out of bed because he was going to bring me my first present. It was a picture he had drawn with me in bed with a bowl on my belly, stacked up high with food. For the first year ever, Christopher truly seemed to get the meaning of this day, and he had planned days and weeks in advance what he was going to do for me. He was so excited about giving mom the best day ever. I’ve rarely seen him so excited and happy! Continue reading


Running Thoughts

My alarm went off this morning, way too early of course, as always. And my first thought was: “Oh no, I have to go running.” So then I spend another 10 minutes in bed reading through my email and my Facebook messages. And then I spent another 5 minutes trying to come up with an excuse of why I couldn’t go work out.

Excuses, Excuses… Where Are You?
When I couldn’t find an excuse, I made myself get up and trotted to the bathroom, still looking for an excuse why I should get in the shower immediately instead of putting on my workout clothes. Was it way too windy to go outside? Absolutely not. Was I sore? Not really. Was I hurt? No. Was I sick? Let me check… no, not sick either. Was my hair too nasty to take out into public? No, the one morning I wake up and my hair actually looks fine. No excuses, not even bad hair day. Continue reading

A New Challenge: The Beach Workout

The Challenge

Isn’t it almost sad that working out has to be a challenge? Making cupcakes sounds much easier 😉 But… I am doing it. Actually, I am not doing it to loose weight (even though I wouldn’t mind finally dropping those holiday pounds I put on months ago). I just really feel out of shape. So, ladies, I am getting back in shape and that is just that! Who’s with me? Continue reading