Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

Fall Crafts for KidsOctober is the time when we turn our eyes to fall. Parents and teachers alike are scrambling for new themed ideas of what to do with their kids. Especially when kids are still growing and young, it’s fun to do crafts with hand and foot prints because it commemorates so nicely how they grow year after year.

So here is a Halloween-y footprint, and a fall-y hand print idea. I’ve done both of them with my kids at German School and the parents love it.

Hand Print Fall Tree

You Need: Brown paper, fall-colored finger paint, scissors, glue stick


1. Cut out a tree trunk out of brown paper.

2. Trace child’s hand on brown paper and cut it out.

3. Piece trunk and hand together on paper (We made cards by folding an 8X11 white paper in half) and glue them down.

4. With finger paint, use finger to create leaves around the hand print.

5. Decorate rest of card as you like.

Handprint Fall Craft

Foot Print Halloween Ghosts

You need: Black paper, white finger paint, dark finger paint


1. Cover your child’s feet in paint, one at a time, and print them onto the black paper.

2. Use finger to draw eyes on the heel part of the print.

3. You have a foot print ghost! Optionally decorate with sparkles while color is still wet.

Halloween Footprint Craft


One thought on “Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

  1. We love handprint crafts at at our house! I just found you site and will be following along 🙂 If you have the time and interest, I’d love for you to check out my blog of straight-up kids projects at Kartwheels. Have a great day and I look forward to reading more here.

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