Moving Made Easy: Zoom Errands To The Rescue

Zoom ErrandsMoving is quite a challenge. Any move involves so much work. You have to pack, you have to sort and organize, you have to find a new place. You have to buy packing materials. You have to buy more packing materials. You have to give formal notice. Switch all utilities. Research new Internet and cable service. You realize all the packing materials you’ve forgotten to buy and go buy even more.

All the while, you need to maintain some sort of order in the house, clean, cook, take care of your kids and go to work. Phew. I can tell you that I’ve been completely overwhelmed this last month. So an offer to check out a concierge service called Zoom Errands came at the perfect time and was such a blessing!

Get The Craziness Under Control

Zoom Errands wants to help you take back your life and return your time by offering over 50 errand services in Los Angeles and Orange County. They not only help you move, they help you with pretty much whatever it is you need help with. Their staff can help with grocery delivery, house sitting, fetching party supplies right down to the cake, courier service, packing, moving, storing, gift or flower deliveries, and bill paying. My choice was for them to go buy moving and cleaning supplies I needed for my move. And I had ran out of shampoo and conditioner, so I sent them to Ulta as well.

So while I was at work, one of their employees called me to make sure he was getting the right brands and right sizes of my packaging materials. He also informed me about the sale they had at Ulta and what the best deal would be. When he was done running the errands, a girl at the office texted me to let me know when all the things were going to be delivered. So while I was leaving work, and driving to my other job teaching German, my errand runner also drove there to meet me and give me all the supplies.

Don’t Waste Time You Don’t Have

Turns out that he had bought one item wrong. So without second guessing, he took it back immediately, got the right item and had that back with me within 30 minutes while I could have dinner and before I had to start teaching. I paid the errand runner for all the items he had bought with a personal check. The next day, I received an invoice for my hours, which told me how much time I had left to apply toward next time I’d use the service.

Go With The Pros

Everyone was quite professional and communicative. I ordered the service online the night before, and had it all completed within less than a 24 hour of ordering. The process went very smooth, was really easy, and saved me 2.5 hours of time I didn’t have. I had all the moving supplies I needed, I could wash my hair again with the right shampoo, and I was just really happy someone was able to take care of that for me.

Had I budgeted it, I would have used them for many more services during the move. Taking care off all the utilities, being on hold on the phone for hours and hours… that could have been easily avoided and saved me a ton of stress. Is there a chore or errand you hate doing? What would you use Zoom Errands for?

This is not a sponsored post. I was given three hours of errand services to accommodate this review. All opinions are my own.

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