Top 6 Moving Tips To Keep You Sane And Organized

We moved! Have I been a bit MIA from my blog again? Yeah… that’s the newest reason why. Moving an entire house all by yourself is quite the challenge! I started packing a month in advance and packed a little bit almost every day. That saved me quite some packing stress in the end. Dinner ended up looking like this in the end, but if was fully worth it!

Moving Tips

Having moved about 8 times in the last 10 years, I consider myself a packing pro! So here are some of my tips to keep yourself sane and organized when moving.

1. Start packing as soon as you know you’re moving. Pack things you currently don’t use or can temporarily live without, first. This includes

  • Wardrobe from the opposite season
  • Decorations
  • Fine China
  • Kitchen equipment not used on a daily basis
  • Seasonal sports equipment
  • Toys/Games
  • Collectibles/Collected stuff in closets and corners/nicknacks

2. Label all sides of the boxes

Label Boxes Moving Tips

When packing, don’t just label one side. Label at least one side AND the top (ideally all sides). That way, you know what’s in the box, no matter how it is placed in a stack, moving truck, or your new home.

If you reuse boxes from last time you moved, color code your current move with a different color pen for labeling. That way, there is no confusion about what’s in the box.

3. Keep your hanging clothes on hangers.

How to move clothes on hangers Moving Tips

Save some boxes and time. Wrap a trashbag around hanging clothes and tie on top. Tada! They’re protected and can move easily.

4. Pack boxes according to the rooms they’ll go into, not the rooms they come out of.

Moving Tips

I wish I had followed my own advice better. Your new home has a different layout than your old home. If you label boxes according to where things were in the old house, you won’t know what room to sort them into after the move. And then you’ll have to deal with a lot more carrying boxes from room to room because they weren’t labeled according to destination.

5. Group things you’ll need immediately after move-in into separate boxes and label “Priority.”

I did this during my last move, I didn’t do it during this one. Let’s just say that I still haven’t found all my toiletries and will probably have to run to Target tomorrow to replace them.

6. Get moving help.

Moving Tips

I can’t stress this enough. I am not just talking about the physical move. Get help with all the things that have to be done connected to a move. Utility services need to be researched and switched. Your car might have to be re-registered. Mail has to be forwarded. And don’t forget about all the moving supplies you have to buy. There are many concierge services that offer help with anything for a small fee, and there are services that offer moving-specific help. Google them for your area!

My move was exhausting. I did all of the above, but there’s always so much to do when moving. Make sure you make it as smooth as easy as possible. What is your best moving tip? Leave it below in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Top 6 Moving Tips To Keep You Sane And Organized

  1. This is exactly what I would tell anyone, too. Esp. those ‘little’ things, like utilities, mail….we get so focused on those big boxes, that sometimes the minor stuff is overlooked! =P Only thing I did not think of was that trash bag around the hanged clothes trick…noted for next time!

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