What Happens When You Go Whale Watching in Dana Point @DanaWharf #DanaWharfWhales

In honor of my 100th blog post, I went whale watching at Dana Wharf. No, that’s not true. I went whale watching because I got invited and was very happy to go because I’ve never went on a whale watching cruise before. But this is also my 100th blog post, so I thought it would be a cool tie in. 🙂

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

So last weekend, along with a few other bloggers, I set out to see blue whales on the Dana Pride as it currently is blue whale season. Cruising out of Dana Point was quite easy. Parking is right there and free, and finding the boat is a no-brainer (that’s very important to me as I am so directionally challenged, I can’t even find my way out of a parking lot!). We were lucky enough to see four whales (even though there has been some discussion if the last two whales were really one and the same). Regardless, we learned some interesting whale facts while on the cruise.

Did you know that…

… Whales spend 90% of their life under water and when they come up, you only see 10% of their body?

… A whale’s tongue is as heavy as an elephant?

… Dolphins are really whales, but because they’re under 15 feet long, they’re not called whales?

… Dolphins practice mating several times a day? (Ahem…)

… The difference between sea lions and seals is that the sea lions have visible ears and seals just have slits in their heads?

When you go on the cruise, you’ll be all excited because you’ll go out on the ocean, you’ll see whales, you’ll have two hours of fun with snacks and cocktails, and you’ll look something like this:

Dana Wharf Whale Watching

But be warned: Make sure to bring a hairband! Because if you don’t, you’ll look something like this:

Whale Watching Dana Wharf

And here comes the whales (and sea lions and dolphins. Oh my!)

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

For more information on the Dana Wharf Whale Watching Cruises, go to their website and check it out. It’s really quite amazing and so much fun. And when you go on the 5PM tour, you’ll go back to the harbor watching the sunset – and we had an amazing one!

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf

This is not a sponsored post. I received a free whale watching cruise, but was not compensated in any other form. Opinions are my own.

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