Ready, Set, Oktoberfest! How To Dress Right! #PartyLikeAGerman @PhoenixClubCA

Ready, Set, OktoberfestWho is ready for the biggest, most authentic and family-friendly Oktoberfest in all of Southern California? With opening weekend coming up September 13 for Oktoberfest at The Phoenix Club in Anaheim, there is no time to waste to get ready to celebrate Oktoberfest in style!

My mom sent us a surprise package, with a new set of “Festkleidung” for the upcoming Oktoberfest. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to teach you all a few tricks about Oktoberfest wear: The Dirndl and the Lederhosen.

The Dirndl for Oktoberfest

The Dirndl

The most important thing about the Dirndl, next to proper cleavage, is how you tie your apron bow. Don’t be fooled – where you tie it says much about you!


When you bow is tied on the left, that means you’re single, or not married. If you tie your bow on this side, be ready to receive some male attention – you’re asking for it!


When your bow is tied on the right, that means you’re taken, or married. You’re allowed to give any guy hitting on you eine Ohrfeige (you may slap them!). While this is not officially a custom or Oktoberfest etiquette, men better be aware of the bow tie. There’s some feisty women out there. Just saying 😉


Tell the men to stay away – here’s a virgin! Don’t mistakenly tie your bow in the middle because you think it looks pretty. Yes, there’s a meaning to everything!


When your bow is tied in the back, you probably want to tell the men to stay away too; at least for a while. Here, you’re dealing with a widow. Or a waitress. Either way, they’re not the ones to hit on!

Lederhosen for Oktoberfest

The Lederhosen

Guys have it much easier! All they have to do is put them on! Now you should never wear a T-Shirt inside Lederhosen, that’s just all wrong! Find a nice checkered, button down shirt. Long sleeve, short sleeve, red, blue or yellow. As long as it’s tucked in and buttoned up, you’re golden. Complement with some white socks and dress shoes. No sneakers allowed!

For quick reference:

Proper Oktoberfest Wear

More Casual

If you want to go more casual, that’s fine too. The guys can exchange Lederhosen for jeans anyday (even though we really like to see you in leather!). The ladies have a complete change of clothes! They keep a dressy shirt, that looks like a female version of a male dress shirt, and combine with either jeans or Lederhosen for girls. Suspenders or not – flaunting real Oktoberfest wear is sexy!

Casually Matching at Oktoberfest

What About The Children?

That’s easy: Do it all in miniature! And make sure the Dirndl bow is in the middle! Just kidding. Tie the bow where ever you want to on your little girl. They’re often tied in the back. Keeps it simple and out of the way.

4 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Oktoberfest! How To Dress Right! #PartyLikeAGerman @PhoenixClubCA

  1. Love the OktoberFest gear… In Minneapolis there’s a fun bar called Gastof’s where they have authentic German food and sing songs and downstairs a game called Da Boot.. such fun!! I remember the posts about this event from last year.

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