Sunny Sundays With A Preekeend: Movies, Park, And Lucille’s

Because it’s summer and there is no such thing as a school night, weekends don’t have to happen on the weekends. So Christopher and I had ourselves a pre-weekend, a preekend! The coolest thing about having a preekend with a 7-year old, is that you get to be a kid again! Yay!

Best Tent EverSo first things first: We built a blanket tent in the living room! Now, when WE were kids, we had to position this tent so it would look on to the TV or there was no watching TV in the tent. Gone are these days of old; we just stream our movies on our laptops that fit just perfectly into the tent! That has the added perk that you can close up that tent in every corner. Christopher did not just employ blankets, but also pillows and, when necessary, pillowcases off of those pillows… to the point where it got a little stuffy inside our tent. But man, did we have a mighty tent! It served as our theater to watch ‘Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings’ which is Christopher’s new favorite Tinkerbell movie.

After a fun movie night yesterday, we had a night out today. It’s Friday, so we had ourselves another legendary mommy-Christopher date. 🙂 Now, the best mommy-Christopher date is and was our trip to Hollywood to go to El Capitain to see Toy Story 3 and join their carnival after. Christopher is still asking to go there again. Unfortunately, going out to Hollywood is a whole affair that’s not necessarily cheap either. Needless to say that it might not happen anytime soon.

Mother's Beach

Tonight, we went back to Mother’s Beach, Christopher’s favorite playground in the world, to make sure he’d be running outside for a while after being inside all day. Then we proceeded to Long Beach’s famous 2nd Street to go to Lucille’s. Since we live so close, the short walk there (and especially the walk back after all the food!) was quite welcome. The weather was rather mild tonight, so walking was just fine.

Lucille'sLucille’s proved to be a winner. Christopher was super excited that he got to cheat a little bit on his gluten-free diet and eat a sweet biscuit roll. Of course he got a little coloring book and 3 crayons, which he barely used at all because he was so in love with his food.

At Lucille'sLook at the yummyness! It’s Lucille’s, so of course portions are giant. Well, I figured, yay for dinners for the next 3 days! Totally worth the money! Because it was a special night, a mommy-Christopher date, we even had dessert. Christopher got to pick it. (Hint: There was one item on the dessert menu that included the word ‘ice cream.’ Guess which dessert we got. 😉 )

We do love Lucille’s. You basically can’t go wrong with it, it is just such great food! Best chicken ever. I love their chicken! And it’s such a nice place for a casual date. And if you want to make it a little more romantic, just ask to reserve one of the private rooms. They are so cute!

We Killed It

So another successful Christopher-mommy date came to an end. I recommend every mom do these dates with their sons (or daughters for all that it matters). Great way to show a kid how to have a fun date, and to spend some real fun, quality time with them. I think it’s important they internalize at a young age what a “good date” is, don’t you think?

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