Sunny Sundays: Strolling Down Memory Lane

Sunny Sundays

Today, we were outside on our deck that I loved so much when we moved in here. It definitely was one of the biggest selling points. Christopher was coloring with sidewalk chalk and I was watching him, helping him occasionally. We were playing with the hula hoop, too.

I had grand plans for this outside area when we first moved in; wanted to turn it into an oasis with outside couches and twinkling lights and lots of greenery. Well, that never happened. It turned into what I call a German backyard.

What makes a backyard German? It is not perfectly manicured. Kids can run and play and touch pretty much anything. It’s not always spit-spot clean, ours here collects a lot of sand from the ocean right next door, toys get to lay around. But that’s ok, because it’s not a living room – it’s an outside area, and you’re supposed to have fun there. It’s for the kids to run and roam and be wild.

Summer Fun On A Budget

So this already felt pretty nice. It felt like home. And sitting there really reminded me of childhood. Just like Christopher, us kids would play while our parents were watching. Our yard wasn’t manicured; weeds were perfectly acceptable – it actually felt like being in nature. The wind was rushing through the palm trees, which, granted were regular trees when I was young, but it still sounds the same. The sun was shining warm on my legs, a breeze was blowing and all was good.

Backyard Oasis

As I sat on my folding chair, not the outside couches, as it is fitting for a German yard, I looked up to the sky and watched the white cotton candy clouds that decorated the blue. The experience was topped off by me sipping a glass of sparkling water. Growing up, there was no such thing as still water. As a matter of fact, the sparkling water we have here is considered “still” in Germany. So drinking sparkling water in the warmth outside immediately reminds me of home.

A few distant cars were audible; apart from that, I could hear the birds sing. Growing up in a small town, all we heard was quiet and peace. I love living here because you really do get that in this little corner of Long Beach. It’s always nice to be reminded of home and carefree times, especially when I can share that memory with my son. Especially when he’s full of chalk. 🙂

Sunny Sundays

Do you have any favorite backyard memories?


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