A Perfect Date Night For All Ages: Movies By The Beach

Movies By The Beach, Long Beach, CAWhen the sun goes down in Long Beach, beach life starts! At least during certain nights of the week. It’s the summer, so date night can be ANY night. Isn’t summer awesome? Tonight was Christopher’s and my date night. Every so often, my son gets to experience what a date is supposed to be. (Cheap, fun and innocent. That’s right!) So he gets to take his mommy out. He doesn’t have to pay yet. 😉 But tonight, no one had to pay, because movies by the beach are free!

We love free. Who doesn’t? And when you get a really great thing for free, that’s always the best. And really, how can you possibly top movies by the beach? You’re wrapped up in blankets, cuddling up with your date (yes, we cuddled) and you watch a movie while hearing the ocean’s waves in the background. I can think of hardly anything more romantic (and fun) than that.

Movie Nights Run Throughout August

Movies by the beach in Long Beach have started in June and still run through the end of August. There are showings on Mother’s Beach and at Granada Beach in Belmont Shore (by the pool). Movies show on weekdays (such as today), as well as the weekends, and start around 8:30 as soon as the sun has set. For a complete list of showings and directions, check out their website, Moonlight Movies on the Beach.

Moonlight Movies On The Beach, Long BeachFree Parking, Too!

There are movies for every taste alternating with each other. Actual date night movies (you get the cheezy), comedies, classics, and kids movies. There’s something for everyone. There is plenty of parking by both beaches, and it’s always free during movie nights!

Bring Your Blankets!

Make sure to bring your blankets, though, because it WILL get cold. Remember you’re right by the ocean. As soon as the sun sets, it’s freezing. So bring those blankets… and maybe a hot tea. And if you forget your tea and popcorn, worry not. There are plenty of concession stands that will happily sell you anything from hot and cold drinks over popcorn to actual dinner plates at regular beach/fair prizes. (And really – who can resist a bag of Kettle Corn?)

Christopher and I watched “Jack, The Giant Slayer” tonight and had fun eating chips and cuddling up. What movie are you going to see?

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