Top 10 Reasons How You Know You’re NOT A Camper

10 Reasons To Not Like Camping

A girl from my women’s group at church invited me to go camping. So I thought that would be fun! I hadn’t camped since 8th grade, but I love nature. I love being in the middle of it. So camping would HAVE to be fun. Let’s say that I did enjoy the smores and the company. I did enjoy girl talk at midnight around the fire pit and I loved seeing the stars and hearing the constant chirping of the crickets. I loved the smell of the pine trees and I didn’t even mind the occasional fly. And… that’s when the fun ended.

Here is how you know that you were not meant to be a happy camper:

  1. You pack to go to a hotel… plus a sleeping bag.
  2. You realize the night before the trip that you probably need some equipment. But have nothing.
  3. You realize that there’s no outlet to charge your phone.
  4. You realize that there’s no outlet to plug in your hairdryer.
  5. You assume there must be streetlights so you don’t pack the flashlight.
  6. You completely forget to pack an air mattress.
  7. Only after you arrive do you notice that the zipper on your sleeping bag is broken.
  8. You can’t sleep when others are snoring and there’s a campground full of people with basically no sound barriers between you and them.
  9. You really like being clean and organized… and there are no cabinets to put stuff.
  10. You really like freshly brewed coffee in the morning.


How about you? How do YOU know that you’re not a happy camper?








2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons How You Know You’re NOT A Camper

  1. I am not a camper because the thought of any bugs or creatures having access to me or my stuff completely freaks me out!

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