German Immersion Saturday Classes For Kids

German American FriendshipIt’s not a secret that learning a second language is quite beneficial in today’s global society. It’s also not a secret that the earlier you learn a language, the better you will be at it. German is an excellent language to learn, many parts of the world speak German.

With an estimated 95–100 millionnative speakers, German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Outside of Europe, the U.S. has the highest German speaking population, and Southern California has large German communities. So it is one of the best places (unless you’re in Germany, Austria or Switzerland) to learn German.

countries that speak German

Classes For Adults
A center for German language, culture and heritage, the Phoenix Club in Anaheim offers German classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced speakers on a semester basis. Classes for the fall semester start again August 29 and meet each Thursday night at 7 at the club. Even though these classes are targeted more toward adults, high schoolers are always welcome. These classes are not a formal school setting, but created to encourage learning in a fun way. There is no formal testing and students get to decide themselves when to move up to the next level.

German SchoolClasses For Kids
The perfect age to learn German is of course… well, as young as you can be. The Deutsche Schule of GASA (the German American School Association) offers German immersion classes for children as young as 2 years old. They start in a parent-and-me class, where they are accompanied by one parent to dabble into German in a playful way. The teacher provides materials for the parents to keep learning at home and makes sure the class is structured in a playful way so all it is appropriate for the 2-4 year age group. And hey, what can I say, I am the teacher! So I highly recommend this class 🙂

Benefits Of GASA’s German School
The Deutsche Schule has locations throughout the Orange and LA Counties, however, the parent-and-me class only exists at the Yorba Linda location. After this level, students move up to preschool, kindergarten and then all the way up to 12th grade. Classes are always taught in German. English is only used if it is absolutely necessary. This school also provides a formal classroom setting with standardized German testing and finals every year (starting in first grade).

German School

The school is in session every Saturday morning from 9-12 and teaches German reading, writing and speaking. The best part is that if children make it all the way through 12th grade and pass the finals tests, they are eligible to attend college in Germany as a German, not an exchange, student. What an opportunity! Either way, though, they graduate knowing about a different culture and speak German fluently.

You can enroll your children in the Saturday school or get more information here. If you are interested to learn German as an adult, contact the Deutsche Klasse at the Phoenix Club here.


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