A Family Night Out in Long Beach

There are so many things to do with your family in Long Beach. There are so many parks, playgrounds, and beaches if you’re looking for free. Check out 100 Days of Summer going on right now. If you have some money to spend, think of Naples with its picturesque canals; take a ride in a gondola or rent a boat to cruise around and feel like you’re actually in Naples, Italy. And if you feel like being a tourist, there’s always the Queen Mary. A favorite always is of course The Pike, right downtown by the waterfront. It is so beautiful there with so many entertainment options, it’s always one of Christopher’s and my top choices when we think of what we want to do.

The Waterfront in Long Beach, The Pike

The Waterfront with the Aquarium of the Pacific
I love the most gorgeous view you have from the waterfront. We routinely take walks over to the lighthouse, crawl up the hill and admire the 360 degree view. I have so many pictures from this place, it’s ridiculous. It’s like going to Disneyland. You have to take a picture of the castle every time you go, even though it always looks the same. What I probably love most about this place is that there are no cars to get in your way. Even where there are streets (apart from the main road), the presence of cars is minimal. So, with a peaceful mind, I can let Christopher run around. And of course the Aquarium of the Pacific is right there. Christopher loves it – there is so much to see, learn and do. Check for combo tickets to include the Aquarium and the Queen Mary (at both locations); it makes it more affordable. The aquarium also frequently has specials or discounts, so you should google it before you go.

Bowling Happy Hour At KDB, Long Beach

Bowling Happy Hour
After sunset, we walked over to KDB. Their bowling lanes are usually quite expensive, but starting at 7PM every Tuesday, they have Bowling Happy Hour. Every game per person is just $2, as are shoe rentals. So whenever we go bowling, it’s on a Tuesday 🙂 Christopher started using the holes in his kid’s bowling ball for the first time today – and was so proud when he noticed that works better than rolling the ball from in between his legs.

Arcade at KDB, Long Beach

And An Arcade!
And of course you can’t beat putting an arcade together with a bowling alley. Christopher had been excited about this outing for an entire week (since last week, KDB was closed for a grad night). And whatever is fun for the kiddos is fun for the parents, right? As long as I see a smile on Christopher’s face and I know he’s enjoying himself, I am having fun. I am enjoying myself just watching him be happy. But then again, I like seeing those tickets come out of the machines when we win just as much as I like bowling. So, we didn’t win the jackpot this time. We’ve won nice jackpots several times before and we’re collecting points on our KDB card to get the bike… in probably 10 years if we keep collecting at this pace. 😉 If you want to get double your money’s worth in the arcade, go on a Wednesday – that’s Arcade Happy Hour!

And now that you’re informed about all the good deals going on at the Pike, go have fun! Visit Long Beach – it’s beautiful out here!


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