One Week Of Gluten-Free Kids-Friendly Meals

This last week, we started Christopher on a gluten-free diet. It’s quite a challenge to switch over… I didn’t realize how many foods have gluten hidden inside. Trader Joe’s to the rescue, though, for almost everything I needed. So I assembled a list of a week’s worth of kid-friendly gluten-free meals.

Despite summer break, I still have to work every day, so breakfast includes no cooking and needs to be fast. So our breakfasts mainly consist of cereal (Corn Pops is the only one I could find) and gluten-free, wheat-free waffles with some Nutella.

Gluten-Free Breakfast

Turns out, it’s not so difficult to put gluten-free lunches together. I was worried about the lack of variety, but let’s face it; taking out bread really doesn’t make it so much harder.

Gluten Free Lunches

2 Baby Bell Cheeses
1 hard-boiled egg
1 Yoghurt
Some grapes
10 almonds
snack sized pack of gummie bears for dessert

Gluten Free Lunches

1 Baby Bell Cheese
1 hard-boiled egg
1 Yoghurt
1 large carrot
6 almonds
snack sized pack of gummie bears for dessert

Gluten Free Lunches

1 German hot dog
some baby carrots and bell peppers
1 cheese sandwich on gluten-free bread
1 hard-boiled egg

Gluten Free Lunches

2 ham and cheese wraps (with uncured, nitrate-free ham)
some baby carrots
1 hard-boiled egg
some potato chips
1 yoghurt
some dried cranberries

Dinners were the easiest. Even though sauces and spice mixes are surprisingly full of gluten. Dinners were *almost* gluten-free.

Gluten Free Dinners

Salmon in cream sauce (replaced with 2% milk)
Brown rice

Gluten Free Dinners

The ever-easy spaghetti with brown rice pasta

Gluten Free Dinners

We got a monster! Well, not exactly a gluten-free monster – the meatloaf helper I use includes a whole bunch of gluten ingredients. Anyone know how to make gluten-free meatloaf? I’ll keep the egg!

Gluten Free Dinners

Another monster! (We love monsters 😉 )
Gluten-free bread made with brown rice for the face.
A hard-boiled egg as nose.
Grapes as eyes and bell peppers for the hair.

Gluten Free Dinners

Cheese Quesadilla with brown rice tortilla
Carrot for nose and eyes

Gluten Free Dinners

Butterfly made of gluten-free brown rice bread
apple slices as wings
grapes as eyes
built-in dessert made from Twizzlers


Gluten Free Snacks

Apart from plenty of regular fruit, we dipped grapes and bananas in liquid chocolate and put in the fridge overnight. It’s such a yummy, healthier snack.

Gluten Free Snacks

Ice cream as a special treat. That’s usually gluten free! Yay!

Christopher loves getting dinners that come wrapped in cute faces and shapes. It makes the gluten-free part a lot easier. He’s got a hard time thinking he won’t have all the gluten-laden goodies anymore. So stressing how it makes him healthier and able to concentrate better and learn better is quite important in every daily conversation following “Why do I have to be on a gluten free diet?” Well, he’s holding up great. And as picky an eater as he is, he is bravely accepting all the new tastes.

3 thoughts on “One Week Of Gluten-Free Kids-Friendly Meals

  1. Trader Joes also makes a BOMB Veggie Tofu burger in their fridge section, even my friends who eat meat love it! I prepare it with Udis burger buns, also at TJs 😉 Was there any medical reason you moved Christopher to a GF diet?? Would be curious if you think he felt better off gluten.

    • Yes, there was a reason. He’s always had problems with his stomach in some way (and those problems run in the family). His teachers also think he might be slightly autistic and I’ve heard gluten-free can help it. So we’re trying it out still. So far, we haven’t seen a difference, but maybe it’s just too early to tell.

      • If he’s had a steady dose of gluten in his diet his whole life, yes. It may take some time to really see the difference. I also made the mistake of going back & forth to wheat filled foods while making the adjustment, its only normal…how are we expected to make such a switch in a day?! But, I hope it helps him! 🙂

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