Discover A Hidden Treasure: Mother’s Beach in Naples (Long Beach)

Mother's Beach Day

When it’s a beautiful Saturday with no cloud in the sky and you live by the beach, it’s a no-brainer as to what to do for the day. A day at the beach! We live in Long Beach, so going to the actual beach isn’t terribly exciting… no waves and mainly dirty water. However, there’s a hidden treasure tucked away in beautiful Naples: Mother’s Beach. I’m telling you: It’s called Mother’s Beach because it’s any mother’s dream: Relax while the kids are happily occupied – and it’s all free!

Where is Mother's Beach

Mother’s Beach is located right on the border of Belmont Shore and Naples off of Second Street. It’s an ideal place for family fun, especially with smaller, active kids. There’s a big parking lot right by the beach (which is free after 4PM), so no hauling things forever and ever. You can use a grass area and a sand area, located around the focal point of the beach: A big, awesome playground for kids of all ages.


Relax – The Kids Are Safe!
This beach is right by an one of the big canals. These canals are man-made extensions of the ocean. So you do get ocean water, but its really more of a lake feel. No big waves, no worries about kids being taken out into the ocean because they lose attention. You can let the little ones play in the water and it is as safe as it gets. Because this beach is by a canal and not the ocean itself, the breeze you are used to getting by the ocean is also not there. So make sure to take shade breaks, or just hop in the water. It’s not freezing, but cold enough to cool you down 20 degrees!

Walk to Mother's Beach

I Promise You Fun
Mother’s Beach is so awesome, it is filled with families on the weekends, especially when it’s nice. Don’t come here if you want a relaxing, quiet day by the beach… unless you achieve relaxing by letting your kids run and play while you lay down and enjoy the sun (with the ability of any mother to tune out all the noise around you). That’s precisely what we did after a long walk with the wagon across Second Street and Naples. Christopher didn’t even care about lunch, he just dashed off to his “favorite playground in the whole world!” I had to force him to eat lunch – and that he did as quickly as he possibly could – and then was right back on the monkey bars.

Mother's Beach, Long Beach

Don’t Go To The Snack Bar!
When you go there, I’d advice bringing a cooler and your snacks and drinks for the day. There is a snack bar, and it does look clean. But customer service is the worst. Let’s just say that a little boy accidentally threw a hard plastic ball with all the force he could muster right at my eye (and I may have reacted a little harshly…). So I went to the snack bar and asked for some ice to stave off the swelling – and the owner tells me he would have to charge me a dollar because he’s got to pay for his ice bags after all. I was disgusted and I have no doubt my disbelieving face with a swelling eye left no question about how I felt. I hope he has a sleepless night over it. Or two. Please don’t support that terrible man with your money.

Apart from the ball-on-eye incident, we had an awesome afternoon by the beach. Luckily, that happened when we were about to walk back anyway. I highly recommend spending a day there (just watch out for balls and other flying objects). It’s one of our favorite places to go in Long Beach. Maybe we’ll see you there!

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