First Day Of Summer With Monsters University – REVIEW (Can You Take Your Little Kids?)

I wish I could have just taken Christopher and gone to the beach today. But work didn’t care that it was the first day of summer; it still wanted to get done. We’ll celebrate tomorrow. Today, after being inside all day because of work, we just did another indoor activity: We went to see Monsters University. (If you haven’t checked out the website, you totally should. It is set up like a real university’s website with incredible detail, and a campus store of course. The marketing person in me is screaming: Excellent job, you guys, I am so impressed!)

Monsters University

The Journey Back
With MU (Monsters University), we travel back in time to Mike’s school years and learn how and why he got into MU. We learn how he met Sully and got to witness how they became the greatest scare team there is. Most interesting to me: We learn why Randall and Sully have such a competitive relationship in Monsters Inc. Why that is, you’ll have to see for yourself. 🙂

Gotta Love The Underdogs!
What I like the most about the movie is that it’s an underdog story. It takes the nicest kids… uh, monsters, on campus that everyone makes fun of, and makes them the stars. And no matter how hard the cool kids… uh, monsters, try, they can’t bring them down. I am always up for an underdog story (except when it comes to soccer. Then Germany it is. Screw the underdog! But sorry, we’re not talking about soccer. I get distracted…)

Monsters University

The Different Kinds Of Scared
I took Christopher, who is 7 years old, and he did just fine. The movie is funny enough that there really isn’t much room to be scared. There are just a couple of instances that might be slightly scary to the young viewer. But every time such an instance occurs, even the kid audience is made aware by the plot of the movie and understands why this has to be “scary” now. The most scary moment is really just scary when you’re an adult watching it… because it’s the kind of scary only adults recognize as scary! Ironic that way. The movie actually really uses the differences between different kinds of scared as a driver for the plot line. Nice writing.

You Laugh, You Cry…
If you are an adult going without kids, you’ll still get a lot of laughs out of it. Come on, this is Pixar. Enough adult humor is wittingly integrated to make a kids movie adult-friendly. More than a few times only the parents laughed and the kids had no clue. When the movie hits rock bottom, it’s not rock bottoming enough for adults to actually have much of a reaction other than a cute poor-cartoon-mosters frown, but Christopher sat next to me almost sobbing, clinging to my arm, announcing loud enough for the whole theater to hear that this was so sad it was making him cry. I suppose Pixar did its job; after all, the movie IS made for kids. (I let Christopher know quickly that I am certain there’ll be a happy ending. And thank goodness we didn’t have to wait too long for it).

So all in all, the movie is very well made. Quite cohesive, tying up a lot of loose ends from Monsters Inc. that you didn’t even know existed! Good job, Disney Pixar, as always. If you haven’t seen Monsters University yet, I highly recommend it. We saw it in 3D, but it really doesn’t make it that much more special, other than just a bit more lively, I suppose. No special effects that warrant 3D prices in particular, so I recommend seeing the regular version. But do go see it. 2 thumbs up!

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