It’s the Despicablimp!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s the Despicablimp!


Man, are those guys over at Universal doing an awesome job promoting Despicable Me 2 – everyone who sees this simple blimp is waaaay too excited! So were we. On our way back home, Christopher and I were sitting in traffic, when lo and behold, the Despicablimp appeared right before us.

Like a little kid, I was sitting in my car seat hopping up and down, pointing and yelling: “It’s the… it’s the…” and I couldn’t think of the movie anymore! Oh no! I got as far as Incrediblimp. Man, The Incredibles franchise missed out on an opportunity there… because man, would this make so much more sense for a movie where the characters actually CAN fly!

Regardless, we went from the Incrediblimp to Mr. Something Blimp, to Mr. Nasty Blimp. When Christopher said that it’s not a Mister. He knew the actual name of the bad guy, but of course that didn’t help. So after narrating the whole movie and saying out loud that he’s the bad guy and he wants to be good, but he just can’t be and he’s not a nice person… well, we finally got to despicable. I did. Very proud when I have those epiphanies! 😉

It was the Incrediblimp! Right there over Fullerton, CA! Where have you seen it?

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