Speechless Wednesday In Long Beach

Downtown Long BeachYes, that’s right. It’s speechless, not wordless. We go to the arcade maybe 4 times a year. It truly is a treat, a special mom-and-son date night. So since this morning when I told him, Christopher was looking forward to going to the arcade. I mean, out of his mind excited! He was so excited to get there, I think he had never eaten his dinner and taken a bath so quickly! Ready to go, we drove there, we parked, we walked to KDB… and they were closed for a grad night. Hello, KDB! How about announcing that on your website? That would have been nice. So needless to say that Christopher was not quite wordless, but speechless nonetheless. Crushing. The world ended.


So instead of going to the arcade, which we postponed to next week, we went across the street to Coldstone Creamery. We love their ice cream. And because of the deadly blow (arcade being closed), I even allowed Christopher to have his new favorite ice cream – cookie dough – even though that’s not perfectly gluten free (we’re going gluten free this summer). At least that made him a bit happier. We’ll survive  the tiny amount of cookie dough they wrap in the sugary goodness. Totally worth the calories by the way!



And just because this sign was so hilarious (and totally justified!!), I took a picture to share with you! (Phew! Thank goodness Christopher had calmed down! 😉 )


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