Not A Princess (Part 1)

Not a princessI wrote this poem 2 years ago. Shortly after my divorce when my life had collapsed and was entirely in ruins. I thought it’s time to publish it. I had so much to muse about, it comes in three parts.

Not A Princess

Enough of the life in a box.

Enough to be a dreamer
like children that dream of being princesses.
I dreamed of marrying Prince William
because he was in the country right next to me
and he lived in a castle and he had all that he wanted.

But he married someone else
and he got the duchess
while I got a divorce.
And he still lives in a castle
While I live in an old 2-bedroom apartment
and he is having a little baby prince
while mine is being taken away from me.

My little prince is being taken away from his mother
and is at someone else’s house every day
while the girl in me that once dreamed of being a princess
is now crying herself to sleep every night over lost dreams.

But even Prince William lost his mother
who was treated unfairly
And was kicked out of the castle
And her crown was taken away
And she was ousted and shunned
And she was in the spotlight
And the whole world was watching her misery
And everyone had an opinion
And everyone knew better
And no one really cared about what was going on in her heart.
Because no one knows and the world cannot see.

I am just one little person
And I am not a princess.
I am just an anybody and an everybody
trying to stand out like anybody and everybody else
Trying to make a difference in my own life and that of my little prince.
Trying to create a better life
That won’t be the life of a princess
But maybe the life of someone
Who is able to face the problems of the day –
The mothers who die and the princes who are taken away
The lost dreams and the road ahead.

To be continued…


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