Our Present For Father’s Day

We’re keeping Father’s Day simple. We keep it simple every year, because I believe Father’s Day is not about spending money, it’s about appreciating dad in actual appreciative ways. Buying a present is not the way we appreciate dad in our family. Spending time with him, taking him out for a fun day is how we appreciate dad. And because Christopher is just 7, we make crafts for dad because that’s something we actually put time, effort and love into instead of just spending money. At let’s face it: How many more ties, socks, pens and CDs does dad really need?

Father's Day Mug from Shutterfly

So this year, we made hand print flowers, and we made a coffee mug. Dad is constantly tired, so a coffee mug is a very practical idea! We used Shutterfly to create this awesome ceramic mug. They come in 11 oz and 15 oz, black and white. We chose an 11 oz white mug. There are so many designs to choose from! The website offers you a feature to favorite the mugs you like best. It puts all the favorited items in a pop up window, and then you can easily compare and chose the one you like best. Christopher had a lot of fun picking just the perfect mug for dad.

Favorites Window Shutterfly

He had even more fun picking just the right pictures. As you advance to the personalization screen, you can import pictures right there just for the cup, and they all display in the same window. You just drag and drop onto the cup, and then you can resize and move every picture to properly fit the cut-out on the template. Again, this was a labor of love for Christopher. We spent A LOOOOT of time picking, rearranging and fixing pictures. But hey, it’s for daddy.

Personalize your mug at Shutterfly

After you’re done, you get to review the mug in a 360 degree view, which is really pretty cool. I had problems with the promotional code I was given to use. When I called customer service about it, the lady on the phone was very polite and helpful and fixed my problem quickly.  The mug we ordered was here a day earlier than promised, so that was a pleasant surprise.

It looks just right! Dad can use the cup for coffee, his oatmeal at work or a pencil holder on his desk, so he can look at his handsome son every day, all day long. I would encourage you to use Shutterfly for your photo needs, especially because they have sales all the time!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Let me know what you did!

I was given this product for this review, but was not compensated in any other way. Opinions are my own. Experience may vary. Please consult the sponsor for details.


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