Sunny Sundays: Handprint Flowers For Father’s Day

Handprint Flowers TutorialI fell in love with the idea of hand prints! There are so many different crafts you can do with hand prints and it keeps track so nicely of how the kiddos are growing. LOVE them! So for Father’s Day, this year, Christopher and I made hand print flowers, a simple but beautiful craft that you could even frame. Here’s the how-to.

Depending on how old your children are, they could do this all by themselves. They need to be able to cut and glue, that’s pretty much it. I helped Christopher trace his hands and glue down the stems, since that was a bit more intricate.

Handprints Flowers What You Need

What You Need:

  • Glue stick
  • liquid glue
  • scissors
  • pencil and colorful markers
  • 6 green pipe cleaners
  • colorful paper for hand prints and flower middle
  • big white paper
  • optional: stencils

What To Do:

  • Trace hand prints – 4 of the same hand for each flower
  • Cut out hand prints
  • Trace and cut out circles for flower middles

Handprint Flowers How To

  • Lay out hand prints, “flower petals”, before gluing down to make sure they fit the paper
  • Glue hand prints first, then middle circle

Handprint Flowers How To

  • Shape pipe cleaners to stems and leaves and glue down with liquid glue. You probably want to help your kids with this part because even my hands were a mess after holding down the pipe cleaners very carefully and for about 5 minutes for them to stay in place.

Handprint Flowers How To

  • If you’re doing this as a Father’s Day craft, don’t forget to wish daddy a happy Father’s Day! We used stencils to make the letters more cohesive. Stencils are a particularly good idea when little kids do this craft.

Handprint Flowers How To

All done! You got yourself a beautiful Father’s Day craft and have your children’s hand prints at this particular stage memorized forever. Certainly, this is one of the crafts you don’t discard.

Handprint Flowers How To


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