National Lemonade Days Against Childhood Cancer

National Lemonade DaysFor a few years now, I’ve supported Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). (And it’s actually not the reason why my tag line is “Turning lemons into lemonade” even though it totally fits here!) This organization is so special because it was actually founded by a little girl, Alex (hence the name). Alex was 1 year old in 1997, when she was diagnosed with cancer and she was 4 years old when she decided she wanted to host a lemonade stand to help her doctors help other children with cancer, too. During this first lemonade stand, Alex raised $2000!

A 4 Year Old Who Raised $1 Million
Her stated goal was to raise 1 million dollars. Her mom thought that was a completely insane number, but like a good mom, she let her little child dream. But this little girl was as dedicated to helping other children with cancer as she could be. When Alex passed away at the age of 8, she had raised over 1 million dollars for childhood cancer research with an army of people that helped her hold lemonade stands all over the country.

Her parents carried on Alex’s legacy and today, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation is a national movement raising millions of dollars for childhood cancer research every year. This weekend are National Lemonade Days and ALSF has raised over $116,000 so far with the help of all of its supporters.

$60 Million To Fund 300 Projects To Date
I had the pleasure of working on a campaign with this organization and I have met nothing but wonderful, genuine and caring people there. They really do believe in their organization and are completely committed to raising enough money to fund enough research to find a cure for childhood cancer. To date, ALSF have raised more than $60 million to fund over 300 research projects. I think that’s incredibly amazing.Read all the other wonderful things they do here.

Make It A Teaching Moment With A Lasting Impact
I invite all of you to check out this wonderful organization and use it to teach your children how thankful they should be about their health, how bad it could be, and how to help others in need, particularly their own peers. Little is more worthy than helping children battle a deadly disease they did not deserve.

Here’s Alex’s story. Get ready to cry.


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