My Workout-Every-Day Challenge

The Challenge

Well, in case anyone still cares to review this, here is what my challenge in April looked like. It was a workout challenge like no other. I decided to go cold-turkey back into working out – meaning from no workout at all to working out every day for 45 minutes. Needless to say that didn’t happen. But at least it kind of happened. So below is my recap. Then I skipped May; there was no challenge in May. I had to recover from this one. But in an attempt to still get that beach body because this April challenge didn’t cut it, I am adding another workout challenge this month. A little less stressful, though. So visit my Challenge tab to keep up with me and maybe join in!

Day 24: The month is over! (Oh thank God!) Did I finish strong? Uhm… *clear throat*… let me find an excuse… so no. Haha! Working out every day is definitely not my thing. I have too much to do to have the time and/or energy for it. So well, I suppose I sort of failed the challenge… but at least I started to get fitter again. So that’s good. And I’ll definitely keep it up – just not every day! I can do 3 times a week. I think that sounds fair ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 23: Yes, cleaning yesterday was definitely a work out. I told you so. After another hour of Pilates today, my arms are pretty much killing me now. I suppose that means I should start focusing a bit more on my arms, hm?

Day 22: I cleaned the house today. The bathroom and the floors, that is. Scraping stains offย  the kitchen floor on all fours DEFINITELY counts as a workout. I promise it does, my arms will confirm it tomorrow!

Day 19 – Day 21: Let me just make this easy, without trying to find an excuse (however valid it may be): Complete fail. There was not an active bone in my body except for a longer walk through Second Street on Day 21.

Day 18: Well, today my excuse is being sick. That’s all you get.

Day 17: My sunburn still got the best of me. I opted for yoga again, in very light, smooth clothing that is. Then I moved as little as possible throughout the day! And then I got sick. AGAIN?? Isn’t this program supposed to make my body stronger?? Geesh…

Day 16: Half an hour of Pilates. That’s all you get with a horrible sunburn! Of course I went to a mixer at night (work calling), and since I had 2 drinks instead of one, I had to walk that extra drink of before I could get in the car. And say what you want, a mile walk in high heels to the Coffee Bean and back TOTALLY counts as a workout!

Day 15: The beach had me back again. I was going to go for a run and stairs. It was overcast, so I figured 3PM will do just fine. Of course the second I got there, the sun came out (it did that on purpose, wanna bet?). Now it wasn’t only sunny (and I was wearing no sun screen), but it also got too hot to run immediately. So instead of running, I took a 2 hour walk. And now I have a perfect farmer’s tan. I’d post a picture, but it just looks too bad…

Day 14: It’s Saturday and because I have had the longest, most exhausting week of all times, I did nothing today. If 15 minutes dance prep with my kiddos in class counts, then I got some sort of a workout. Otherwise, my body just decided that today was a do nothing day. Fine with me.

Day 13: I slept better than last night, but still had to force myself to go running. Once I was outside, though, and felt the sun on my skin as I was walking toward the beach, I immediately felt better. In my head, I knew that while I was still in bed – and it was the only thing that actually got me up! So stairs worked great today, but running didn’t want to comply with my body. Maybe I should switch: First running, when I am not yet worn out, and THEN steps. Because doing the stairs, you can always take a breather before your next set. When I stop running, I am done running for good.

The overarching good news is, though, that I am starting to see results! Not just on the fit-scale, but also on the pants-fit-better scale! VERY excited about both! ๐Ÿ™‚

Day 12: I failed. Today was just a fail. I slept horrible last night… Well, actually, I didn’t sleep at all. So there was no way I was getting up in the morning to work out. I really just didn’t want to get up at all. And I was tired all day, and I am still tired. So no work out all day. Just no.

Day 11: Can you believe it… I still didn’t have milk. BUT: The beach had me back! Since I refuse to spend all my money on Starbucks coffee, I ran along the ocean, up the stairs by the bluffs, right back to the grocery store to buy milk. Thank goodness, morning saved. Another 2 bids with one stone. Good job, Anne, good job.

Day 10: Well, if you’re following me on Facebook, you will probably know that the worst has happened this morning: There was no milk for my coffee. If you don’t know me, that might not be the worst thing you could imagine for my life on any given day. But those who know me will tell you: “Someone, quick! Get her milk!! Anyone!” Well, so getting to coffee with milk obviously had to be integrated into my workout, since there’s no extra time to go to the store on a Monday morning just to get milk. Screw the beach, it was a Starbucks run today! Literally a run. After half an hour of yoga. Alright, mission accomplished!

Day 9: Well, it’s Monday morning and I can’t remember if I did my workout last night. Did I? I think I skipped it. Oh well. I was sore from working a lot with the bands yesterday anyway. It’s Sunday. Even God got to rest on the 7th day.

Day 8: It’s the weekend! (When you’re a weekend mom, that’s particularly exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Needless to say I am not spending the precious time I have with my son away running. It’s nice to work out and be fit, but son is more important, no question. So, I had no workout today. Unless you count 15 minutes of practicing singing and dancing with a bunch of 3 year olds at German School. Thinking about it, I had to take my sweater off half way through. That must mean it counts, right?

Day 7: It looks like I’ve switched from running to Pilates. The weather outside already spells June Gloom. What the heck, it’s barely even April. I guess we’re going by German rules at this point: In April, the weather is supposed to be crazy over there. Well, it is here, too. So no running again this morning, but I got an hour of Yoga and Pilates in. Not a bad idea to switch it up and focus a bit on building the core anyway, right?

Day 6: Well, after going to bed way too late 2 nights in a row, the fact that I am no longer 21 has caught up with me. I was literally unable to open my eyes this morning and snoozed my alarm for a half an hour. I then shut it off just to go back to sleep for another half hour. There was just no way I was going to get up to go running. My body just wasn’t going to have it. Well, I guess there will be Pilates in front of the TV after work. I’ll keep you posted. This day is not yet a fail!!

Yep, there was pilates. A half hour. I’m calling it a day!

Day 5: I am still running. Getting out of bed in anticipation of the new morning and the quiet beach was enough to get me up in time and without complaining. I did my run and I even squeezed in an extra flight of stairs. ( counted by the way: Each flight has 65 steps up and the same back down. Not bad.) Running back got me tired out at the same point again. I love running! Why must running be so hard? Well, I am off to a good start to build my stamina, though. Loving it!

Day 4: I am back up and running. And I had my first-ever run by the beach in the morning. I’ve lived by the beach for 2 years now and I had never gone running there. I even paid for the gym for quite a while. What is wrong with me?! I must ask myself. So as I was running, I had the most beautiful experience, which you can read all about here.

Day 3: Oh-oh. What? An oh-oh already on Day 3?! In my defense, I have not 1, but TWO very good excuses. First of all: I got up this morning, determined to go running by the beach and walking stairs. Just that it was so windy (was it not windy anywhere in the country today?) that I would have literally flown away in the sand storm raging right outside my house. So I opted for working out tonight. So I got ready for work, trying to get there early, so that I could leave early and work out tonight (when the wind would have hopefully subsided).

But instead, as many of you know if you already read my last post, my body thought today would be a good day to get sick. So what do you do? Can’t work out being sick. Not even inside the house in front of the TV. I mean, I could have tried, but I’d rather feel better again tomorrow.

Well, I suppose my legs got to rest their soreness for a day. Going strong again tomorrow!

Day 2: Made it! Same as yesterday. With the difference that I ran a minute longer. I really do love running… I hate being out of shape. Fixing it ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be running like the wind by the end of this month!

Day 1: Successful start! Sore tomorrow! See full story here.

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