Green and Creative Masks On A Budget

What do you do on a June gloom day? Why, paper bag masks! Especially good for those of us on a budget, this is a fun and easy craft your kids can make all by themselves. Except for the staples. Help them with the staples.

I call him Scary Pinocchio.

Paper Bag Mask

You need:

  • A paper bag from your last grocery run
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • tape
  • pens/crayons/markers

Paper Bag Mask


  • Take the paper bag and cut in all the way open along one edge, cut of the bottom. Remove the handles. (They may be used as mouth, hat or ears)
  • Fit the now long piece of paper around child’s head with enough overlap to staple together later.
  • Cut off rest. Use this part to roll up into a cylinder and tape to bag as nose.
  • Before attaching nose, locate eyes and cut holes into bad so child is able to see later.
  • Color the bag. Any way you want. Give the mask a silly, funny, sad or scary face. Tape a handle to the bag as mouth or a hat if you like.
  • Staple bag together and put on child’s head.

Paper Bag Mask

Done! You have just meaningfully recycled a paper bag. And it’s the easiest and cheapest craft and your kids are going to have a blast. Remember: You can give them all the toys you want, and they’ll play with the boxes they came in. So… just get the box only and save yourself some money! 🙂


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