Completely Green Father’s Day Cards @paperculture

Paper Culture CardsWith Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for dad. As every year, it’s a battle finding something to buy for a man. And as every year, we are going to send out cards. One to Christopher’s dad, one to my dad. And some to a few dad friends we have who would care getting a card with our picture on it.

This year’s cards come from Paper Culture. Paper culture is a green business that produces products made from 100% post consumer recycled paper. With every order, Paper Culture plants at least one tree, too, as their charitable contribution to the planet. In the last 4 years, Paper Culture has planted over 300,000 trees in their customers’ names.

I Dedicated A Tree To My Dad
When I placed my order, I got to dedicate the tree that was planted in my name to someone. Since I am ordering these cards for Father’s Day, I dedicated the tree to my dad. He now has a tree planted somewhere in this country just for him 🙂

Tree Planting Dedication

To My Dad

The Ordering Process
Ordering my cards was quite simple. The website is easy to navigate and products are nicely organized. You can customize the products and the photos you use with an easy menu inlaid into the product you’re looking at. The best part: You get to create a back side as well! Once you’re done creating your product, you submit your order. Now your order isn’t simply processed and shipped, but the Paper Culture team actually looks at it and makes adjustments to make your product look better.

Front And Back Collage

Because of the paper choice, you want to make sure the images you use have a great resolution and are great quality. I used this picture, which was just a tad overexposed and it shows in the final print.

Paper Culture Is Looking Out For You!
I ordered my cards with a vertical picture on a horizontal card. A day after I had placed my order, I received an email saying they turned the card template to accommodate my vertical image with a vertical card. Awesome! What great attention to detail and customer service.

Paper Culture As Ordered

This is how I placed my order.

Paper Culture As Received

This is how they enhanced it.

Free Shipping Service!
I had the order sent to my house because I didn’t need to send all cards ordered. Paper Culture does, however, have a free shipping service. They package the cards for you and ship them to the addresses you give them. All you pay is the actual cost of the stamp. Imagine how much easier invitations for weddings or large events would be!

Paper Culture Packaging

100% Recycled Packaging – And Gorgeous At That!
My order arrived nicely packaged, in all sustainable packaging (crinkle paper instead of bubble wrap) in a beautiful little box made from recycled paper as well. I was very pleased with the whole process. The cards themselves are of excellent quality. They’re not the flimsy photo cards we order for Holiday greeting cards or such at our local discount photographer. Think Hallmark for Paper Culture cards. I am quite impressed.

I was given the product to review, but was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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