Sunny Sundays = Sunny Sanddays

Sunny SundaysA friend of mine arrived from Germany today to visit. So Christopher and I took her to the beach in our backyard. As we were sitting at the beach enjoying the sun and playing with our beloved Costco play set, I started wondering out loud what I would write for my Sunny Sunday Column today. So Christopher said: “What day is it today?” – Sunday. “Sandday?” he says. “Yes, it’s Sunday,” I say. He says: No, it’s SANDday!” Why, thank you Christopher! That’s what I’ll write about!

It’s Sunny Sand-day!

Having sand-days are always the best, because it means you’re at the beach. And being at the beach is just always the best! ALWAYS! So without further ado, here is sunny Sandday! 🙂

Sunny Sundays

Did someone say SANDdays? Well, get rid of the towel!

Sunny Sundays

SANDday? Why, sandday ALL the way!

Sunny Sundays

Making sand angels

Sunny Sundays

Wait for it…

Sunny Sundays

A fancy sand angel! Going all out – face and all 🙂

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