Sunny Sundays: Mother’s Day in La Jolla

Happy Mother's Day 2013I had the best Mother’s Day ever! My Mother’s Day even started with my son announcing that I would have the BEST MOTHER’S DAY EVER… as he joined me in bed. At 7AM. But that was ok, because right after, with the biggest smile on his face, he announced that I could not come out of bed because he was going to bring me my first present. It was a picture he had drawn with me in bed with a bowl on my belly, stacked up high with food. For the first year ever, Christopher truly seemed to get the meaning of this day, and he had planned days and weeks in advance what he was going to do for me. He was so excited about giving mom the best day ever. I’ve rarely seen him so excited and happy!

Mother's Day Flowers

Breakfast in bed. But no eggs, please.
My first present was breakfast in bed. He asked me what I wanted. When I told me I’d like to have eggs, he said: “No, I don’t think you want eggs. How about some cereal? We have cereal! How about Shredded Wheats!” With those words and an eager and laborious look on his face, he raced to the kitchen, to get his first task done by announcing to daddy: “Mommy wants Shredded Wheats!” As I kept listening, he gave instructions to pour more because that was not enough. Then a “thanks” and 2 little feat came running back with a bowl of cereal. “Here’s your cereal,” he announced proudly. I had to eat it alone, though, because he was already on his mission to get me coffee and to get my next present ready.

Confetti and strings and beads, oh my!
As I was graciously allowed to move out of bed and on to the couch, I was presented with my coffee and, while dad was gesturing in the back for me to cover my coffee cup, with a shower of home-made confetti. It really WAS a special day! I mean, what woman can say she got showered with confetti for Mother’s Day?! I then received my wrapped present that he had picked out when he went to the store with dad. He was certain that it would be the perfect present for me and he had outdone himself picking it. Out of the wrapping paper came a set to make your own jewelery with little beads and strings; labeled 8+ years. I laughed out loud. Why, after all, I AM older than 8! He was so happy and excited and he went right to work to make me my first necklace, which I then proudly wore all day.

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Mother's Day in La Jolla

“I found my mommy first!”
After breakfast, we went to church. All moms were asked to stand up to be recognized for the tiring and laborious work at home every day. As a surprise then, all the Sunday school kids suddenly walked in all holding flowers, which they handed out to the standing ladies. My son (the only one out of all the kids), suddenly announced my sighting with a shriek: “Mommy! I found my mommy first!” As he came running to present his first flower to me full of pride. “That’s my mommy!” he announced, “I found her first!” The the whole church chuckled.

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Beautiful La Jolla
After a lunch down memory lane at Chili’s, Christopher, mom and dad went to the La Jolla Underwater Park. Excited to see what dad had announced as “the Monterrey of San Diego,” I really was amazed at the beauty that presented itself. I just thought we were going to a beach. Christopher called it the Antarctica (because you know, white bird poop everywhere. I didn’t tell him why it was white). We climbed over the cliffs and watched rafters go into the caves right under us. Then we settled a little further down at a small tucked-away beach, where Christopher got to explore some caves himself and look at some live crabs in sea shells. When he laid down in the sand to play and scarcely moved his big toe anymore, we knew it was time to head back. I kinda had enough of the smell, too.

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Mother's Day in La Jolla

I’d even call this place the Hawaii of San Diego; it really reminded me much of our trip to Hawaii a few years back. Just that Hawaii smelled beautifully. I don’t know if it was the humidity, but La Jolla stank today. Some places, we just had to turn right around because there was no way to stay in that particular spot without fainting or exhibiting like reactions. But all in all, stench aside, it was a beautiful experience and I am really happy dad thought of taking us out there.

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Mother's Day in La Jolla

Upon returning home, we had some fun at home, playing games, singing songs, winning work out challenges (yes, you read right. Dad’s insane!). Taking a bath was less fun for Christopher, but hey, it was Mother’s Day and mother needed kid to be clean. And after a fun pizza dinner and reading a good-night book, tired out Christopher dropped dead and tired mommy sat down to write this post.

And just because it was quite a bit overcast today, here’s what this all looks like when the sun is out!

I truly had the best Mother’s Day ever.

How was YOUR Mother’s Day?


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