Passing On My Wisdom From Digital Hollywood Conference

Digital HollywoodThe cool thing about being a blogger and working in PR is that you get the best of both worlds šŸ™‚ You get to go to all the cool conferences that teach you how to market right, and then you get to do it for your blog. Oh, and of course you get to write about all the cool conferences!

So today was Digital Hollywood. It’s a huge conference happening every year, 4 days long. This year, it was at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. For the first time ever, I stepped foot into the Ritz Carlton. Very impressive, I must say. Wouldn’t mind staying there for the night. Of course I didn’t (because who can afford THAT!). I was there for the day and for free, thanks to EPPS (Entertainment Publicist Professional Society), whose members were invited for the day. Awesome!

When you go to Digital Hollywood, you’re amongst the pro pros. So naturally, I felt special as I was surrounded by and learned from veterans in my industry. I’ve spent a couple of years in my career now, but sometimes, the reality of being a career woman now still hits me over the head! I had a lot of fun, met a lot of interesting people and ate very little. For the conference that it was, they did a REALLY lousy job on the food. Basically: There was none. And 4 bucks for a cup of coffee?? I’m sorry, I know you’re the Ritz Carlton, but come one! It’s still just coffee! As a matter of fact, there was so much of a lack of food, that at the evening poolside reception, there was a one hour line to get to ONE station with some cheese and crackers. That being said, it was a very nice poolside area and some interesting people around me in line to talk to.

Digital Hollywood

Digital Hollywood

Well, enough about the lack of food. Let’s get to the meat, so to say! The meat: The panels. There were literally a ton of them (+ screenings), and I only had time for 4. So I chose these:

  • Social Media Strategies for Promoting Entertainment Products
  • Branded Media Marketing
  • Internet, Video and Ad Marketing – the Next Generation of Consumer Reach and
  • The New Digital Face of the Hollywood Trade Press

Digital Hollywood

I loved every single panel. Apart from learning something new, I got to meet the panelists after, ask my questions, make a connection, tell them what I do. I actually ran into a few people I had directly and indirectly worked with before. It’s always nice to reconnect with old faces (or find out that you had indeed worked with someone from a partner agency you never met before, and now you have a face to the name). I also got to meet 4 of the power players within the Hollywood trade media: Chris Krewson of The Hollywood Reporter, Andy Wallenstein (Editor in Chief of Digital) of Variety, Dominic Patten of Deadline Hollywood, and Joseph Kapsch of The Wrap. It was interesting to meet members of the press, from publications with such varying angles, in such a setting, where they, full of good spirits and jest, talked about every day journalist life and gave pointers how to get their attention best.

Digital Hollywood

left to right: Andy Wallenstein, Chris Krewson, Dominic Patten, Joseph Kapsch

I met someone from a Universal label who brought his newest talent – Melissa B. I insisted on a picture, so I’d have proof that I knew her before she became totally famous šŸ™‚ Extremely nice girl!

Melissa B.

So I thought I’d compile a few tips on what works on social media to brand yourself well:

  1. Social media exists to add a human spin to a brand. Make sure you are being personal and have your own, distinctive voice.
  2. Engage your fans and followers into a conversation. The number of likes isn’t very telling; the number of involved fans is! What is your “talking about this” to likes ratio? Adam Graves (@atgman) of Threshold Interactive points out: “It doesn’t matter how many likes you have. You can buy likes. CEOs must start to understand that it is all about engagement.” If you have 2 million likes and no one is involved, then those likes don’t matter one bit.
  3. Create compelling and original content to engage fans. Scott Carlis, SVP of Social Media for AEG Global Partnership says: “You have to know your audience and what works for them. What are they most passionate about within your brand?” That’s what you need to leverage.
  4. Share on a constant basis, but don’t overshare (don’t be annoying). As Michael Freeman from Crown Media (Hallmark Channel) points out: “It’s like what you learned in school. Just because you keep repeating yourself, doesn’t mean people are going to listen.”
  5. The conversations you have on social media are really strategic conversations because ideally, YOU stir them in the direction you want
  6. Focus on your audience, listen to your audience. Let them know you are there because of them!
  7. You don’t have to respond to bad comments. Often, it sends a powerful message to just be quiet.

Are you implementing all of them? Maybe you can take them a step further. All that being said, don’t forget your basics: Integrate your website/Twitter handle/Facebook page in all your emails, outgoing correspondence, press releases. Do all the “good old” while integrating the new. Now go be creative! Let me know if I can help!


2 thoughts on “Passing On My Wisdom From Digital Hollywood Conference

  1. Love the tips!!! Will be working to make sure that I am engaging…and entertaining! Appreciate you sharing what you learned!

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