Sunny Sundays: Getting Creative at Color Me Mine

Color Me MineI have not been to Color Me Mine since I was 17. For the last year, I’ve been passing one of their locations on my way home from work every day. And I keep thinking: I need to take Christopher there, he would love it. He is such a creative little boy and loves to color. It is so close to our house, we can walk there – I really have no excuse.

Well, this weekend, we finally made it. When I told him about it, he was instantly excited and couldn’t wait to get there! We went to the location on Second Street in Long Beach, which has a nice store front to see the hustle and bustle outside going on, but you still feel removed enough to enjoy a quite art experience.

Color Me Mine

What to choose?

Color Me Mine

A tea set?

Color Me Mine

How about this as a Mother’s Day present?

Color Me Mine

The piggy bank with the cork as a nose

The first half hour, we spend looking at the myriad of items to choose from. Anything from cups to piggy banks was available and Christopher couldn’t decide. While he REALLY wanted the piggy bank with the cork as a nose, $40 dollars for a piggy bank was a little too much for my taste. So he ended up settling on a plain bowl. No way to convince him to get the fancy bowl, a nice coffee cup or a Stein… no, we went for the simplest of all. Alright then. Less money, no contest!

Color Me Mine

The next 2 hours, we spent painting. Christopher had seen a prepainted bowl they put out for inspiration. It was an ice cream inspired bowl, with fake fudge running off the rim. Needless to say it doesn’t take much convincing a little kid that THIS is EXACTLY what he should be painting. So we copied it exactly. Just that we had picked a bigger bowl and it actually had room for an extra scoop of ice cream. Christopher was very excited about that!

Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine

After a 2 1/2 hour pleasant art experience, I purchased the most expensive bowl I had ever bought ($28!). While I enjoyed the experience, it IS quite expensive to go there. $18 for a bowl and another $10 as paint fee. But I suppose that every so often, you can have a nice little arts field trip like this. Much better than playing computer games in my estimation. It doesn’t happen too often anymore that kids truly want to be creative, so I welcome (and pay for!) every opportunity that comes our way.


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